This from Laruelle reminds me of Husserl

The science of the real, that is, of individuals in their individu-a-lity and in its immediate givens, absolutely precedes philosophy and the Sciences of Man, that is, the unitary mytho-logical sphere

I keep trying to look at other texts and then I think, can he convince me?

This idea of trying to understand reality without thinking any of the philosophies or the sciences. Even if he might not do that himself that is a useful formula.

“Why call it reality at all then?” Exactly. Why? Why do we call it that?

On the other hand, what does he appeal to? He’s something of a rhetorician in a way I’m not sure he’s aware of. He has to appeal to experience, and that’s why he reminds me of a sort of living Husserl. Thus I have doubts that he “absolutely precedes philosophy”. The fact that he gets me to wonder about this stuff is what is admirable. So then he reminds me of Zeno. Show me someone in America.. Just a rotten country with nukes, perfect.

We’re drifting far away from consensus reality with him. The “I just want to grill and have a normal life” people are not going to understand this. You’re a cog, okay, so why are you here? “I don’t want to be one.”

You think there’s some kind of trick to show you how to not? We’re living in pre-CRISPR times you know…

When I think of “the highest” I imagine the brightest light I can see. No one is able to describe what that is. We can only offer images from there. Even those images can cause the “possum hiss effect”. Nocturnal animals in a pre-edited state.

Badiou, I learned, actually did touch on the JQ in a non-liberal way, and there’s lots of controversy surrounding that. Many know about these possums and are silent because of them. They only know trash, they quaff up a tenderloin steak like it’s a sweaty tossed-out boot that’s marinated in festering expired food. All the same to them. “Consumer” is just a word that even the consumers use- there are more precise definitions of what that is. The “blinding light” is not something they’re going to mention at all. The grifters only deal in simulacra of it. I do too because I’m only human- at least I bring up that. It’s not something Christian, Muslim, Jewish, or philosophical, that’s why Laruelle is a sort of mystic for talking the way he does. After the light has descended down onto the earth its meanings are generally interpreted close to oppositely of what they are. “Being good” is one of them, perhaps the main one. People say they’re doing that and really they’re just being a possum who doesn’t understand. Even Laruelle himself is like this in certain ways, so I don’t expect people without a thorough background in philosophy and science to be able to not be possums. They can be cute in a way, I don’t know if I’d pet one. I’d prefer to live among people who don’t hiss at light and run away.

Back to Laruelle though- I interpret him as being locked in a padded room. This is why Strauss is so important. All this “non-philosophy” is done within a particular political order which he never questions.

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