This is the weirdest thing about COVID I’ve seen

It’s right that they’ve probably been using this time to get into our heads at an unprecedented rate. Everybody on their electronics all the time. As if it weren’t easy enough to create a science of the bovines. Oh no, they know everything about you now, and they will use that information to further manipulate you for their own gains.

Is this some kind of insane COVID cult?

We are not a nihilistic Society, thus our aim is not to claim that we are the sickness (though this is a tempting proposition).

I wouldn’t be surprised if the “information-gatherers” wrote this themselves.

They refer to COVID as a pulling of the emergency brake. They see it as necessary to radically alter the direction humanity was headed.

This Society of the Friends of the Virus sounds like they lost their minds

Something poetic about this at least. There’s seemingly no control in this, that’s why it’s readable- someone having a meltdown (if I had to guess) or psychic break of some sort.

Addressing the Virus directly

What is it trying to tell us?

I wish more people would lose control

Remember the beginning of this, they seem confused as to whether they should identify with the virus. Weirdest thing you’ve seen too? I’m not joining this Society. You’re not going to make me lose my mind too.

Was this a time of solitude and reflection for you? This schizo might have a point that they “captured” people with all the distractions.

You ever see something like this?

our thoughts, our lives (with one another, we include you here, dear virus)

Stockholm Syndrome? Maybe lockdown gave people a religious experience?

As much as it sounds like their own home has turned into a loony bin it seems the dear virus really provoked them into rethinking life. While they might be a typical leftist, at least they’re seemingly thinking through things, and I haven’t seen much of that throughout all this. Maybe some people just have to have a full-on mental break to do that?

Okay enough of the word-salad. Might as well look at Agamben’s book on this while we’re here. Surprisingly, this serious thinker gets right to the “conspiracies”

the dominant powers of today have decided to pitilessly abandon the paradigm of bourgeois democracy—with its rights, its parliaments, and its constitutions—and replace it with new apparatuses whose contours we can barely glimpse. In fact, these contours are probably not entirely clear even to those who are sketching them.

This is thee thinker, after Schmitt, of the “state of exception” by the way. That’s what we’ve been living in for over a year.

Pretty scientific way to say it

the juridical-political apparatus of the Great Transformation is the state of exception, and the religious apparatus is science, on the social plane this transformation relied for its efficacy upon digital technology

Did you use this time for contemplation or to be absorbed into all the propaganda?

I think a lot of people probably felt as crazy as some of those writings above, and they were probably too embarrassed to post it. That kind of quasi-insanity left people in a vulnerable state. I kept warning you about the screens the screens! They’re not neutral. They’ve been manipulating your quasi-insanity.

This is disturbing

A country that decides to renounce its face, to cover with masks the faces of its citizens everywhere is, then, a country that has purged itself of any political dimension

You haven’t been “alone”, you haven’t been interacting with people face to face, you’ve been with the screens this entire time. Me too, I just choose to browse z-library mostly. I’m sure you’re immune to propaganda.

If it isn’t a conspiracy it might as well be

What is fear, into which people today seem to have fallen so deeply that they have forgotten their ethical, political, and religious beliefs?

Reset. So gradual over the months you might not have even noticed. I’ve definitely noticed, between Biden and this virus. Good obedient liberals.

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