This Laruelle book is so Marxist now that I think about it

Speaking of ordinary, I always have this false hope that normies will be able to understand. And even someone like him doesn’t! People of your time.

That’s crucial to know though, what he’s seeking. I’m not sure how someone extraordinary like him will understand the ordinary man. Once again I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

He thinks no system of knowledge has been able to understand the average person. He’s probably right. This is one of the many ways that demonstrates that he’s not a mere scholar, he’s something more than that. Who can you say talks like that? Only Founders of New Orders do, and that’s what he’s attempting to be. That’s like peak-humanity behavior, we can look up to him for this. Is it “hubristic” to do that? I just appreciate seeing someone giving it a try. Unless you’re someone who’s been banned over the years and you continue to be a troublemaker somewhere else I haven’t discovered, the chances are that you are not on Laruelle’s level here. Do you think the present order is a system of knowledge that understands you? If not then why are you so friendly to it? Why do you flatter it? I see him as half typically French and half something else that is the least typical thing on the planet. He wants to put every thought the West thinks into question. He’s pretty good at it too. See, I’m being nice to a leftist, you could be like him if you wanted.

Even if the system of knowledge here is not made for you, you never get the thought in your mind to challenge it the way he does. He’s a pretty PC person overall- anyone in the US could do what he does, and they don’t. I just want enemies who aren’t pathetic. With the brow-lowering that’s taken place the last few years as a reaction to Trump’s supposed chauvinism, I’m not sure that will even be possible. All we have here is a vulgar-left. The French are right to be arrogant. Don’t get me wrong, I hate their guts too. Ironically, thinking of the French Revolution, at least their leftists are sometimes aristocratic. You don’t want the “American Dream” to go around the world. You are the rabble. The cheapest entertainment contents you, even makes you laugh like someone watching the Three Stooges, this is not an exaggeration. There’s no ideal that is aimed for in your life because you are a pure materialist. You might as well just be eating fatty foods all day instead of thinking. Oh you happen to be skinny? What about your spirit, could it use some time on the treadmill? To be honest with you, I see a spark of Laruelle in many people and they simply have to snuff it out to survive in this “system of knowledge”. A biography of the ordinary human, like his work, I try to write as well. There are plenty of signs that that spirit is there, and it’s not able to flourish, so it has to resort to fortifying the existing system of knowledge. I don’t like to see it, I want to see people be like Laruelle. It’s so boring, you’re so readable otherwise. With him, he lives in the air. Are you sure you don’t live in the air yourself and you’re forced not to? That’s what both of us mean when we speak of the reigning system of knowledge not understanding the ordinary person. Everyone wants to put everything in question like he does, and they aren’t allowed to. He isn’t even allowed to, I bet he feels chained as well. … Reading further into that book of his I do wonder. Is that just his nature to not live in the air? He’s in his 80s, I’m not going to be criticizing him about this. Younger people, definitely. At his age he can still pull off what virtually no one in the US can, so what’s your excuse? I’ve read that underground that exile Soral is popular, so maybe it isn’t a “French” thing per se. You let people be greek and that’s what’s going to happen. Ahh Laruelle is such a state-philosopher in certain respects. You don’t want to be a state-poaster. It’s painful to witness servitude like that. The mind should be free, no? Schopenhauer is seriously more accurate than people can understand. It’s impossible for them to even read that essay of his, impossible. They will only read it and make rationalizations 99% of the time, if not more. They are the state, the state is them, there’s no difference. Philosophers like that might as well be working in a factory or something. All of social media is like that too. If even someone as free as Laruelle has this problem maybe you should consider that it’s possible you could too. You just want to live an easy life. You aren’t concerned with the ideal of creating a rigorous science of humanity, a perfect system of knowledge. All the corporations tell you you’re at the end of history after all, why shouldn’t you believe them?

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