Do you notice how all the liberals of the world cannot speak of me directly? They want me to not exist because they are hiding something. Could it be that they are subhuman? That’s the simplest conclusion to draw. People who are niggers to the order. At least try to save what I say so someone not as down syndromey as you in the future can understand it. Tell me how a Maoist who is proven wrong and can’t admit it has dignity at all. You are a subhuman. All you have is numbers on your side. You nigger. White skin! That doesn’t matter, nigger, the point is that you have no value.

“What are the ethical implications of that?!”

The ethical implications of saying most white people have no ability to think, have to make excuses for themselves, and remind me of field niggers?

The real question is why people like that think their opinion has any validity at all. You have to pretend someone who proved you wrong 10,000 times doesn’t exist, you’re a nigger with no soul. Hello nigger. Did you happen to stop being a subhuman the last time we talked? I doubt it, because that’s the nature of the white nigger, and that’s why they resort to Maoist silencing tactics, they can’t respond to simple questions, because they have dirt nigger souls. Haha you mud, how’s it feel being not even a human and pretending someone who tells you what you are doesn’t exist, nigger? Nice white skin, you farmer, what is the difference between you and a fried chicken eating nigger anyway? “You don’t exist!” And you prove what you are once again. What is the word for your kind anyway?

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