After seeing that seeming psychotic break where the person thought of themselves as the friend of COVID, even nearly identifying, I woke up wanting to know what genuinely insane people have to say. There must be writings?

I suspect something about them, that they might sometimes have moments of lucidity where they’re closer to reality than the consensus view (even if they’re authentically insane most of the time).

Something like the 2 hrs 45 mins mark here

Just a theory that I want to look into.

I first see this book, and wonder why they are “feared”?

They had to dope Charles Manson up for instance just because he was more perceptive than most people around him.

Are there fleeting moments of genius in insane asylums? Possibly that the doctors and nurses there interpret as crazy talk simply because they don’t understand?

Here’s another one about a diagnosed schizo family – are these qualities related to the illness?

When you leave the realm of “normal reality”… diagnosing people as insane is something I’m highly suspicious about. I don’t trust our scientists.

When I see progs putter about with their delusions it’s very similar to seeing a couple insane people talk to each other in a loony bin.

Tell me this isn’t weird

Is it a form of uncontrolled mysticism in some cases? If it’s paranormal they might be dealing with “forces of gnosis” that are higher than ordinary reality. And perhaps they can’t integrate them because they are so far away from this monkey reality they have to return to?

The title of the appendix to this book on schizophrenia seems apt

That idea again of trying to use a blu-ray disc with one of those old movie projectors.

Think of the 2 hrs 45 mins again, what if it’s something so otherworldly it can’t even be captured by drawing?

I honestly believe it’s possible for someone to have a vision of an “angel” (or whatever you want to call it) that could destroy them. That might be the case for some “institutionally insane” people and I’m not sure if our scientistic professionals could even interpret it in that frame. “It was a hallucination.” What if you saw a hallucination and then you woke up one day and the doctors that surrounded you seemed like chimps in white lab coats? Don’t worry, I’m not projecting anything here. I don’t mean to fetishize the insane, because those definitely exist, I just think some kind of misunderstood anomaly within the insane group is possible.

What happens to some of these people?

The Borderliner just ‘was’. The Borderline state was a floating state of being with all that is. Having dispensed with ego, content jettisoned, process all important, the Borderliner was ‘personified process’.

This sounds like a somewhat crazy way to put it

In other societies this kind of person is put under the tutelage of the shamans. I think many of our psychiatrists are too rationalistic to be understood as shamans. There is only this world for them.

What we call heaven and hell here, secularists don’t even believe in that anymore, and that’s what shamans traditionally travel between

It’s possible that since we don’t have professionals for these cases they might get stuck in hell and then have to be doped up to remain somewhat permanently in the middle world which is the only world the doctors believe exists.

Who knows, maybe some of them, rather than hell, are stuck in the clouds somewhere, that couldn’t be the best existence either

Is there an anthology that’s gathered the lucid writings of the insane? That’s what I was looking for and I mostly see books on how to treat them.

It’s possibly in some cases a pre-abrahamic atavism that could be cultivated rather than treated per se. Many people I’ve seen who studied shamanism conclude that way at least. Not many in the west know what that’s about still.

Anyone relate to this description? Might characterize Laruelle this way

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