Just being part of this time and place I notice I happen to be wearing a Boston Red Sox shirt, and that makes me reflect. There are levels of culture they don’t show you on TV with sports. We have to live in a world with people who are interested in that. The question is should “sports culture” affect anything else. The people who are too humble to admit they are snobs will say “They like what they like.” Are you going to let them off like that? If I were standing in a field right now as outfielder or whatever I’d feel like a moron. They want morons watching other morons. “You don’t say that.” Why? Baseball is itself a genre that should be struck out. There’s nothing grandiose about baseball. There is nothing that moves me (to say the least). We’re talking about a very simplistic “artform” that gives art a bad name. Should that be above criticism? “They’ll all attack you!” So the unscrubbed. And who is making money off perpetuating their lowbrow? This is real baseball. These leftists have to install robots to play against people like me because they’re so obviously pathetic and have nigger brains. Why don’t you have an actual face to face debate about any of this, are you terrified? I think you are. The chambers!! You probably are so scared you didn’t even click any of those links. We need to be like aboriginals because of the chambers! Looks like a hysterical mess who is incapable of rationality. “We don’t need to address any of your ideas, we only need to use ad hominem and pretend prog-slanted AI tek is a human being.” I think you’re just cheating and can’t play the game fairly. Probably because you’re some kind of nigger. Any response to the 109, Jew? The poor esther’d souls, any response? Pure objects that are 0 for 3 every pitch. Look at the pathetic goyim, they might as well be bowing on their knees to these jews who are unable to have a rational conversation at all. “109? We forget that.” Why? Let me know. Unless you’re a kike? I’ve determined that’s what you are. I think you need to sit the bench if you’re such a race with obvious nigger tendencies. Sit the bench, be murdered, whichever. It doesn’t matter what you say, Jews will always fall back on wanting whites to be mud that isn’t able to think abstractly, and that’s the end of the story. They will try to beautify it in various ways, at the end of the day that is what they are after, you being an imbecile. Even many of the best minds of our time aren’t able to grasp that point so I’m not going to hold it against you if you can’t. Unless I want you to be better than them? You are not allowed to talk about whether the world should be imbecilic? Then you are already one of the imbeciles. Your secret thought is that they’re too powerful to stop. If your fate is to be an imbecile then why not risk yourself in challenging them? What do you have to lose? They want you incapable of thought eventually. You might as well use the thought that you have to bomb their foundations. It’s only a figurative sense of “bomb” we are using of course, there are no flesh and alive human beings one would want to burn with fire.

Just pretend we’re watching a Red Sox game. What is humanity? To me there is some kind of order that is above humanity. Who can say what that is, I know it’s not baseball. What’s a higher order? Being one of the bluechecks? Look at that, we’re watching lowbrow vulgar entertainment. Nice level of baseball there. You’re really sophisticated. You inspire me so much. You have so many creative beliefs that don’t remind me of all the corporations. Such an independent person.

“I’m different from a baseball fan!” I haven’t seen evidence to convince me of that.

Now it’s time for you to cope with that fact.

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