When I google “disciplines” it shows me a kind of god’s-eye-view picture

Is there a discipline that studies the disciplines?

“What are we looking at here anyway?”

Kind of mind-boggling.

They’re not all contained in this image either

It’s amazing how powerful the mind is. Pretty much any adult can look at each of these and have some idea of what they are

Flipping through a Philosophy of Literature a few minutes ago, trust me, you have no idea what literature is unless you ask an expert.

“I know what all this stuff is.” We tell ourselves that.

I want to know how they’re all similar. (If they are…?)

Which of these ones even thinks about all or any of the rest of them?

Philosophy is in the “Humanities”? – now wait one second here.

There are different versions of this cartoon that people keep tweaking

A cartoon is a kind of art by the way.

This wiki page is really helpful if you want a clickable version of all (or most of the main) disciplines.

When you were in high school did they ever show you anything like this? I was pretty blind when I went into college.

Is the academy structured differently in places like Iran and China? Maybe they’d have a discipline that would seem like an “emerging discipline” to us?

Here’s a weird one

Problem is that you might need a discipline like that in order to think up a new discipline like that.

I immediately dropped that Philosophy of Literature book earlier, it wasn’t enough for me. I need a view above that.

Did you click that wiki page? I’m still scrolling down that. This itself needs to be some kind of discipline. “One person alone can’t do that!” And that’s why that discipline doesn’t exist. We’re too finite. What if we had it as a goal though?

“That’s what epistemology is!” I’ve never gotten a sense from epistemology like I’m getting from scrolling down this page of the various knowledges. There’s no way it could encapsulate all of these? That’s an illusion that they must have?

Epistemology is even on that page (of course) and it’s kind of hiding in a way. You’d never think that it purports to grasp all the others on the page. It can’t do that, it’s an illusion! To be an “epistemologist” one would have to have closely studied at least a few works titled “Philosophy of — ” for each and every single one of the knowledges, and no ~epistemologist~ has time for that. Thus it’s just a humble human there with that title, that’s it. That’s the immediate task of the Übermensch, to gather all those together in a real way. Ahahha I’m trying to gather together the epistemologists with the rest of them. Imaginary that they know what “knowledge” is.

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