Is there anything to this?

Probably not nothing. I’m not sure it’s worth my time though. I’ve seen some Jungian interpretations that legitimize it somewhat. Elaborate Rorschach tests that can give guidance to your life if you’re suggestible. People play poker so I don’t see why this should be dismissed outright. If you go into it skeptically it won’t work, if you don’t it will. If you don’t immerse yourself in the game of poker there’s a higher chance you’ll lose.

There’s so much “woo” with this general genre. I made it through about 4 pages of a book on egregores just now.

This is an actual witch who is worth reading if you’re into this kind of stuff

Thinking of those Frenchies I’ve been reading, it’s fuzzy the difference between their genre and the occult one. They’re just smarter so I tend to prefer them. Some build castles in the sky, some build cabins. Grounding with math? What does math have to do with the actual ground? Unless you’re drawing an equation in the sand? Even then it’s symbols about the air. I don’t feel the need to have a pretense like that. Okay you ground your philosophy in quantum physics, and your followers are typical progs, so who cares? Speaking of the “pre-philosophical decisional procedure” they use math and physics to justify their thoroughly conformist liberalism. I’m sure that trick will work on French fools, the great-grandsons of the revolution, yet another generation of non-revolutionary activity, congratulations, thanks for the poker game. No, I’m not going to be that relativistic, I only see their genre and tarot’s blurring into each other. At least they build castles, American leftists expect us to stand in awe of their shacks. No, it’s time for the scrap-pile. How about we just burn you alive in that out-house of yours?

Behold, the infallible system

In these image results I’m seeing tasty looking burgers from a place called Shake Shack, you gotta respect the shack above if you want to have a normal life and eat burgers with people, fuck you.

Another day in down syndrome world, what can you do.

Then I think, What about the other Frenchman, what’s he up to lately, and see this, proceed to laugh bitterly

Through that I find this though which looks somewhat appealing

If you have a dirt soul you won’t understand any of this, so get out of here white nigger. Time for some fried chicken nigga! Mm mm mm. If Nancy is a slave you’re a slave, it’s pretty simple.

This isn’t ordinary to see

A speculation of that Revilo’s that stuck with me is that they truly do find ugliness to be beautiful. What’s most beautiful to them is subverting their host society, and they use ugliness to do that, so of course they’re going to find beauty in it.

Anuddah book like this?

If you can isolate with surgical precision the details of the behavior of someone like Adorno then understanding the lesser Yids will be easy.

If you can create a bridge over the moat to avoid the crocodiles and invade Adorno’s castle then you might as well have a wrecking ball at your disposal to shatter the cathedral shack into splinters.

The lesser ones believe in the kagal egregore like new-agers believe in Tarot.

I like this

Is she a marrano herself though?

Some of them look pretty goyish

She’s pretty explicit at least

The mixture of anti-philosophy, which explicitly declares war against the Greek genre of thinking, and counter-philosophy, which implicitly engages in creating counter-arguments, aimed to oppose the Greek vision…

An easy one is Adorno’s criticism of the “authoritarian personality”. That might as well be a call for people to submit to the authoritarian state.

The point is that it’s a secretly anti-philosophical attitude. It is hostile to “knowers” and those seeking to know.

“Isn’t there something Socratic about ‘counter-philosophy’?”

Okay let’s get some burgers and talk about that then. Oh wait.

Concealment of the concealment. Even more, a caricature superimposed over that to keep it further hidden.

I’m telling you jids that a paleontologist could be the next Einstein. Missed opportunity.

This is so subtle!

“Speaking Hebrew in English” is one thing. Bringing the Talmud to the realm of ideas isn’t so simple. You almost want to tug a rabbi’s beard and bounce his head off a desk he’s so shifty. That’s the kind like Derrida, the lesser hyksos are a lot easier to see through. They have cultural impunity so they’re able to flaunt that they live in a state of exception, so it doesn’t really matter how see-throughable they are.

The other side of this seems right too, that Athens and Jerusalem are fused

Jewish thinkers talk Hebrew in words, concepts and arguments bequeathed to them by Greek philosophers

Are we first Greeks or are we first Hebrews, that is the question. And I think the fact that anti-socratism regarding most things jewish is state policy answers that.

Love to hear someone say this

The most important feature of the Marrano strategy is its secrecy.

And their aryan serfs are just as secretive.

Yes, master! Yes, master! Grovel some more, it’s not humiliating at all. Hold out your bowl with shivering arms.

This is hilarious

the less you show yourself as Jewish, the more and better Jew you will be.

“There’s nothing suspicious going on here, nothing to see here.”


Time to live in a jungle, and guess who’s in control, and guess who won’t admit it, that’s right, it’s a kind of sickening ape. The west is a barrel of monkeys.

At least the dalits and shudras in India question their caste-system.

Just gettin by in the world, mannn just tryin to survive mannn.

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