She must be a marrano, since they wouldn’t let anyone else get away with this

They’ve philosophized you into never acknowledging that that’s what they’ve done.

The structure of the context of “a conversation with a Jew” involves the acceptance that one is not allowed to scoff at the gas chambers. That’s the basis for what prevents you from remarking about their type of “philosophizing” which is more precisely a counter-philosophizing, a silencing. It’s a forced recognition that one should have sympathy for their pain that lets them get away with it. Note this is just the foundation of what they get away with. That is what allows them to get away with the rest of it, namely anti-racism ideology, anti-judgment generally. Why does a middle-class white have the taste of a third worlder? It’s all about the gas chambers. You turn into a nigger because Anne Frank was pulled out from under the floorboards. Even if the standard interpretation of these events were true, how many Slavic children died during that time as well? And yet that doesn’t justify a Slavic ideology being able to reign unquestioned. You a good nigga, you won’t do nuffin. You have the taste of a third worlder and you think that’s fine, okay that’s cool, we shouldn’t hold it against the people who determine morality, epistemology, and aesthetics in our time. Didn’t you see those people in the striped pajamas? That’s a great reason you should act like a white nigger with no dignity, keep it up, your reasoning is flawless. Make sure to kiss the feet of a Jew today, make it a daily ritual, they deserve it. You probably already do it anyway, so might as well get on your hands and knees and do some smoochin’. “Please, remove your shoes and socks so I can kiss your bare feet! Unless you don’t want my filthy mouth touching your saintly skin?” It’s so sad that a few million conniving merchant cheats died decades and decades ago, I guess we need to teach children to hate themselves, makes perfect sense. Instead of math let’s teach them ebonics. Instead of home ec I think little girls should be taught how to get double-teamed by Timmy and Jimmy in the tube slide at recess, prepare them young for a life of whoredom. Who are you to judge anyone? Judgment might as well be genocidal. You’d dare to harm a clique of totalitarian international bankers and people who hysterically defend them? You might as well be the lowest form of life imaginable. Now invite 100 million savages into your country you gullible imbecile, remember the striped pajamas.

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