This marrano specialist is pretty revealing. Did you ever hear that when Horkheimer was asked to define the Frankfurt School as concisely as possible he said it was “Judaism undercover”? She says that Derrida is the culmination of this, and that this is something that is “a secret du Polichinelle, a non-secret secret secretly known by everybody”. Examining the phenomenology of being-with-a-Jew that is in fact the reality it seems, i.e. it’s not just Derrida who we “know” this about. Your defenses drop, they can say whatever they want, “they have the floor”. After that heart-rending soap opera “it’s their turn to speak” – over 70 years later it is still their turn to speak. Otherwise, “How dare you!” Why does it have to be undercover? Why does it have to be a non-secret secret that “you’re such a Jew”? It’s because only Nazis don’t pretend… This is how the dominant worldview works. At least for the more perceptive ones- the normies probably don’t have much awareness of this at all. I.e. You’re such a Jew and I’m going to pretend that I don’t see it. The foundation of what makes the supposedly “moral” world turn in the west is built on this illusion, this secret du Polichinelle. And if you think of the Talmud as the egregore, we have that same awareness about the ethical state of the west as well- You’re such a Jew! … and, we pretend we don’t see it. I get the uncanny sense that this isn’t the first time and place where this dynamic existed. It’s so psychologically subtle it can probably go on for generations without ever even being articulated. “Yes, that IS what it is, it’s a Jew-Order. We don’t like it, and we don’t say that we don’t like it.” There, I articulated it for us. Now what? Oh we get to the more sinister questions now. This is the verbalized background to the simplest yet arguably adequate-unto-itself call to “Name them.” That is, name it, name the order, name those who embody this order. Because we don’t like it. If we did like it then we wouldn’t have any need to name it. In fact, naming it is the same thing as pronouncing that we find something immoral about it. And what is this order? I’ve said it before- all sin, all vice–to the point that one almost wants to deem it “evil”–is permitted. Do you want to “name” that or…? You don’t like to name the devil? Why is that, because he’ll do evil to you? Ha I think that is the case. So I’ve named YOU too then. You’re part of that permittance. So part of the “non-secret secret” for those who are aware is that those who don’t name it are themselves implicated with those who should be named.

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