This would be cool if it’s not charlatanry – a self-initiation workbook

It would take a magician to convince me that astrology is real! Similar to Tarot, I’m looking for ways that people can independently get to better know their own psychology since we live in a time when psychiatrists can’t be trusted to help us with that.

I usually am drawing from a more rationalistic tradition. Even the ones within it who try to distance themselves and move toward an “irrationalism” still remain very much within the same tradition, and I’ve found that mysticism and occultism can introduce you to subtler frequencies that philosophers tend to “feel above”. I agree with them a lot of the time, just seeing what this stuff is about right now.

These types in question often incorporate a ritual factor that is missing from these ones who tend to be too cynical about organized religion for any of that. They utilize symbolism which is similar to what I call the forms and they manage to synthesize that with ritual activity. So they create their own religion pretty much, and philosophers usually don’t take that step.

This was Alfarabi’s point, that ideally Plato and Aristotle would be the basis for religion. So maybe we can learn from these hermeticists.

Philosophy alone often is not enough for most people to affect this

Initiation means “to begin” or embark upon something new. It is the beginning of a new phase or outlook on life; the passage into a distinctly new type of existence… to an entirely new set of principles from those of mundane society

It’s because the knowledge remains cerebral. They don’t let it change them, they only appropriate it in a convenient way that meshes well with the society they find themselves in.

Is this “discipline” in the university anywhere?

“It’s larping it’s larping” – Are you larping when being a vulgar materialist? Why is that the norm of what “not larping” is?

Just reading this kind of material I get a clearer image of philosophical concepts.

the realization of an elevated state of consciousness, wherein the magician’s ego enters into a union with his/her own Higher Self and ultimately with the Divine.

I just got a brief glimpse of that Higher Self that is usually hidden. Sounds like a good day when that happens. It’s there and it’s hiding, and you need to hear the right words in order to see it, and these types are pretty good at redirecting your awareness.

A grand claim they’ll have to convince me of- 700 pages to go

The Hermetic Art is a true science

The eminent poet W. B. Yeats took this seriously, he was a member of the Golden Dawn.

Those ones didn’t even want this kind of self-initiation book published! It’s supposed to be secret. It doesn’t matter, because no one cares anyway, since we’re in such a profane time. Something similar can be said of Lampert- many of the secrets of philosophy are right there, and no one cares to look, so they’re safe.

This seems like an accurate parallel

just as ifs/he were a student entering a school of medicine or engineering. Physicians and engineers require years of training to achieve their career goals.

You have to put in the work to understand it rather than simply dismissing it. Like I said though there’s lots of charlatanry, cabins in the sky, in this field of study. Israel Regardie seems to know what he’s talking about, for one. This book here is new to me. Heh it says surgeons without a license end up in jail and amateur occultists end up in mental hospitals. I remember the early days I was “dabbling” with voodoo, I understand that possibility.

This is something that Tarot can help with

learn the symbolic (magical) alphabet of the unconscious

Religious symbolism doesn’t work with many moderns, and this is a way that CAN be more palatable. You just have to be receptive to it. People don’t believe in any of that- materialists.

I’m already a Dionysian myself (unironically) so this isn’t stuff I’m allergic to

A further grade of initiation I seek from these ones. Ways the philosophers don’t talk.

The natural attitude is to think we have no further grades to go

All of this is brought about by the conscious decision to be initiated.

Who knows what level of consciousness is unlocked with some of these, you can’t know unless you put in the work

The Golden Dawn might be better suited for white people than some of those eastern systems I’ve talked about. They claim to be guardians of the Western Esoteric Tradition. Not many places you can find a castle in the sky like theirs.

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