The highlighted has made its way to the American intelligentsia, and that’s part of why it’s so impossible to talk about all of this

Another Alain? What about Alain Soral, what happened to him?

These are the exact questions any Marxist would be asking if they were not justifying the state as their master accused Hegel of. Tsk tsk tsk.

Capital uses brains to justify its order.

“Finkielkraut”? That’s a funny marrano name. Can you relate? I’ll take my sauerkraut without any fink, thank you.

“We haffta keep changin R names cuz they find out!”

Criminal shekel squad reporting in.

To be fair, for any of the Jids who have survived this, I agree that Jesus is not the moshiach. Are you sure that you Jews are? That’s what you act like. Thinking of it in my preferred terminology, as the Ăśbermensch, are you so sure that you have any idea of how to bring that about? I like to believe that self-reflection isn’t impossible for you, call me a wishful thinker. You’re trying to bring about the moshiach before the year 6000. I can see eye to eye with you about that to some degree. The question is whether your tradition, which has permitted next to no innovation for thousands of years, is able to bring the moshiach into existence. In fact I think it’s in your blood to not have grown since at least the medieval age. “Einstein” only hides the fact that you were mostly a merchant-caste throughout history. I’m not a Christian either, I can just acknowledge that it was a paradigm-shift away from Jewish thought. People who could never accept that, and still can’t, shouldn’t have much of a say about anything. You want the moshiach? Then you have to try to be less rigid. Kabbalah isn’t everything, there are sephiroths it will not allow to dialectically interact with its enclosed system. “We have the final science from the old times!” Okay, you have a white beard, I respect that. At the same time, are you sure you’re not “advanced in age”? Judaism is old in good ways and bad. I think we’re experiencing a “boomer” phase of the cycle at present. Too much self-whipping about these imaginary sufferings of yours. You won’t bring about the moshiach with that attitude. You’re doing wrong to yourself as well. The opposite of the moshiach you’re causing to your own people. Because you perceive yourself as so much on a pedestal that no criticism could possibly apply to you. The kabbalistic system is only one side of it. It only thrives because it bans certain sephiroths from speaking – and that is why in Da’at you always have to return to hell to start over. And then make excuses for why that happened. Using your medieval (neanderthal) methods for convincing others you’re right. You want the moshiach or not? You’re going to have to be more modest.

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