It must be like being congested, having a head cold, not being able to breathe through your nose, not being able to say whatever you want. Part of the personality that is frozen. If you lived like Crusoe on his island would you ever yell about anything you wouldn’t here, since no one is around? Politics affects people on a personal level, it makes them less spontaneous, for one. Do you remember ever voting for that? Is it really a “collective decision” or was it imposed from the top-down by a minority? I can’t imagine anyone would decide to be “perpetually reluctant”. The falsity probably seems natural to them. The “sublimity of the digital revolution”, that still makes me smirk. We thought we were leaving all that behind us with that. They brought the cubicles with them here. Just a corporate office, except this time it’s digital. “Some things you shouldn’t say, even if you’re stranded on an island.” Really, like what? Speaking of “correctness”, it seems correct that if you think it you should be able to say it. It presupposes that people are evil or something. What evil things would you shout about if you were on an island? Seems absurd to think of them as “evil”.

I saw someone mention the idea of “leftist twitter”. That’s redundant, what are you talking about? Unless you’re extremely sneaky you’ve been banned for not being a leftist. I bet they keep a few of the “sneaky” people around just to keep normies close to leftism. Helping to maintain their hegemony, you’re doing the lord’s work.

Speaking plainly with you, I think they’ve determined that it’s evil to think like an “aristocrat”. Severe contempt is evil. You aren’t allowed to judge. Back to this idea of congestion, are certain people always in a wince? I almost feel like people need some kind of massage. That can’t be healthy. You think I’m exaggerating when I talk about the baboonification of culture? People seeing that and not being able to say anything about it? That can’t be healthy. Does it “store up”? I feel like the ones who don’t have an urge to “shout on an island” must have had something in them die. Either way it doesn’t seem like a way that someone who is mentally healthy goes about their life, and that’s demanded of us. “It’s fine” – says the deadened person. What I mean by aristocratic contempt is a certain perceptiveness, and they want that dulled down. You’re not supposed to experience things sharply in high definition. Because that itself kills people to know what they are, or at least believing that is the standard policy. A lowbrow cretin stands before you and you’re supposed to congratulate them – is telling them what they are in a polite way going to kill them? I think it’s been determined that certain lowbrows won’t change so we’re expected to change our perception of them instead. No thanks, pretty much everyone in this culture makes me wince and prompts me to want to berate them. No one can even go to therapy for this problem because the psychiatrists are part of the very same culture. The question is, when someone isn’t able to express their contempt do they eventually turn into something contemptuous themselves? That seems like one “cure” to the mental illness in a way. Once your perceptiveness is dulled you can take on the contemptuous behavior yourself. Because why not, if it’s not perceived as contemptuous then why not? I don’t know if I’d count that as a “cure” to turn into someone who people with sharp perception perceive as contemptible. Despite that many people do seem to see it as a cure. No more storing up winces if you melt into the ones who cause the winces. Does contempt store up in another kind of person though? Can it be cleansed like sweating in a sauna?

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