Took a morning walk for the first time in a while and something about the way the sun was on the mountains made me want to travel. There’s another “genre” I didn’t know existed

Travel has recently emerged as a key theme for the humanities and social sciences, and the amount of scholarly work on travel writing has reached unprecedented levels.

Writing about travel writing?

Does it go without saying that I saw a hundred travel books before this one?

“What is” questions sometimes give one the sense that one is a giant peeking over a hill, secretly observing humanity.

This book says this line of theorizing hasn’t been much explored (buhdum tchi).

Could be interesting

to map the principal shifts in travel writing in English over the last 500 years

I go in blind to many genres not knowing if they’ll be rewarding.

It does have a way of doing this doesn’t it

Travel broadens the mind

A form of “initiation” one might say?

travellers sometimes return as different people

It’s referred to as a journey. Even if you travel you don’t necessarily go on a journey. That’s kind of the goal though in a way isn’t it? When’s the last time you went on a journey? Sounds nice. The idea of “tourism” seems so plastic. How lame is it to be a tourist.

So far Odysseus and Marco Polo have been referenced. That’s a level of “travel” that isn’t for us, unfortunately.

I wonder how true this could be genealogically, traveling leading to “traveling in the world of ideas”

I’m traveling around Travel City in the realm of ideas right now.

Do you remember an old post of mine speculating about how much the advancement of transportation technology has led to the globalist mindset? So much traveling is relatively new in history – we haven’t always had such tek that allows most people to do it.

Speaking of Crusoe, does that have its origins in travel writing as much as it has its origins in Hobbes?

That’s the origin of the west if you think about it- the Iliad and Odyssey, traveling elsewhere, traveling home.

Travel to the New World, travel West, travel to the Moon, what is it about that that people like anyway? “We can’t explain it, we just want to do it!” Traveling to different dimensions with DMT. Going from one place to another, there’s just something about it.

The emphasized here is what I was initially looking for when I found this book

the experiences and impressions of travel are never easy to capture, and contemporary travellers sometimes make the phenomenology of travel an aspect of their work.

This traveler was lost at sea

Or eaten by Native Americans?

I’m surprised I haven’t brought up the most seasoned travelers in the world yet. Traveling certainly seems to explain them, and possibly our political order as well. Traveling somewhere when you don’t want to travel there, and then having to stay there, is a different story though. That probably shapes a people. “They’re kind of like those last ones who kicked us out, I don’t really like them.” Speaking of storing up contempt… “Cleanse” it by getting revenge. That’s actually a form of “travel literature” that I’ve never seen – the writings of cough gypsies immediately after expulsion. What went on in their mind in the new place? Might explain some important things about the present day. The holocaust soap opera after all is only a pleasant euphemism for “expulsion”. If we want to be realistic, that is, and I know people don’t tend to want to be. Even though understanding history accurately is necessary for understanding the present. So you thought this was an innocent post about travel? I thought so too, then I remembered pressing political concerns. We’re traveling toward a certain new world with these subjects. Can you possibly think of what today defines the echo chamber? Whoops, I probably shouldn’t have said that word, huh? Better not travel outside of it. It’s dangerous out there! You might starve to death. Twisted jokes aside, I really do have the urge to literally travel. sigh… Traveling while traveling in the realm of ideas with someone like-minded – a pure fantasy. People are afraid of that in a similar way that people were afraid on the Oregon Trail. I have no one to circle the wagons with, those injuns might eat me! I’ve already taken a few tomahawks in fact, which I’ve plucked out. It’s a fun time! You probably have something of an “adventurer’s” spirit if you’re reading this.

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