This is similar to the philosophy of food – something so seemingly simple

Maybe you’re like me and sitting there thinking What can you possibly say about leisure?

Counter-intuitively, something like this seems easier to philosophize about

Ironically, philosophy is possibly thee leisurely activity par excellence.

Aristotle thought it was necessary for higher order thinking.

Aren’t there some who believe that’s the entire point of Marxism? So it’s surprising I haven’t seen many discuss what it actually IS that they’re after.

Who isn’t interested in leisure, really?

How should we be spending our time? Not an important question at all.

They say Leisure Studies has emerged from sociology. Not a surprise to me. I flipped through a 2021 Sociology textbook the other day and it was marxmarxmarxmarxmarxmarxmarx.

You might have guessed that I’m thinking of this again in this context

What is a non-vulgar way to spend one’s time?

Again, traveling in the realm of ideas while traveling sounds pretty great.

“Don’t bring up drugs don’t bring up drugs.” Why would that ever cross your mind?

The people or person you’re with and the place that you are seems important to leisure. And let’s just be direct here- you do not want to be in an ugly place with people with ugly souls. I think that when people tend to think of “leisure” they think of a couch, a show, a snack OR relaxing via gossip perhaps. That is the pleb version of leisure. You work and for what, for that?

This is excellent

The mainstream American concept of leisure must be the ideal one, right?

Right off, the most refined form of leisure I think of is “escaping the matrix”. In fact I feel pulled away from this study of leisure because I want to do just that, and I remain here for now because I want to clarify whether I’m right. And no, I don’t expect that to be written about in any direct sense in this book. If they wrote about that they would probably have less leisure as a consequence!

Can anyone relate to this painting called Cleopatra Testing Poisons on Condemned Prisoners when thinking about leisure?

Just a random thought that I had.

Women don’t really care about escaping the matrix as much as men, in my experience. Sorry if you want to poison me for saying that, it’s one of my leisurely activities to toy with you.

Anyway, I believe that speaking theologically is a way to escape the matrix, if not thee way. We have different civilizations in the world because some had more leisure with which to discuss theology and better understand the nature of God.

The idea of leisure within the matrix is managed by people who believe in a questionable god, a lesser deity in my opinion.

This first chapter claims that a society’s idea of leisure is its ultimate reflection of progress and its beliefs about human purpose. Some pretty heavy stuff. This isn’t about sitting on the couch with a bowl of doritos. Unless? Unless it is about that for you?

Ice cream and social media, what have you. That’s what people tend to think it is.

It’s truly a sacred cow. People don’t want to be questioned about this.

Trying to escape the matrix in a beautiful place. When’s the last time you’ve done that? A lack of leisure can’t be good for you.

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