The beginning of a recent book on the evolution of friendship, intriguing if true

Apparently they detected something in the genome. I need to CRISPR my own anti-social behavior! Then again, I wonder if people who are like that are more likely to be friends, and whether we instead need more of those.

This is a sensitive problem that no one at all suffers from

From that sample they created a list of genes in the white blood cells of the immune system, known as leukocytes, that were expressed differently in the lonely and the nonlonely.

“Can you not be pathetic please?” At least I admit it.

It seems normal to think about genetic engineering in terms of the individual rather than how individuals are with each other. That’s why thinkers like Dugin are important, because he tells us things about the west we can’t be aware of because they’re too close to who we are.

This might be another one of those tricks to speed up the acceptance of this emerging technology

These lonely people were really suffering, all the way down to their genes… Friends did not just have similar traits. They resembled one another on a genotypic level.

Friends are the equivalent of fourth cousins it says. This has uh nationalist implications to say the least. On That 70s Show was Fez a friend or a Borat-like, amusing sidekick, I don’t know. I need to find some mutants to form my own friend-group.

I always have the feeling that people want me to be dead. You are definitely not one of the mutants I speak of. “Friends of sophia” – we are friends. And yet, possibly not at all.

Zoomed out, people who are interested in the genome–and in particular, altering it–might be similar genetically.

Speaking of the “perpetual reluctance” I spoke of earlier today

primatologists joke about what would happen if anyone ever loaded a group of unfamiliar chimpanzees onto a plane together and expected them to sit quietly for a flight of any duration—something we humans manage thousands of times per day.

All these “non-friends” have these thoughts that being “civilized” prevents them from saying. You might understand the impulse toward the One Mud Order. The ones who direct it aren’t really MY friend, or any friend of the goyim, so there’s that level to consider. Easier to manage that way when everyone is a fourth cousin. So you can see that this itself is a type of eugenics, or what they believe to be eugenics. I just want it more controlled so that instead of acquiring similarity through descending to a lower being, everyone acquires similarity through ascending to a higher being. They just want the quick fix unfortunately. I for one think our overlords need to be edited themselves. If you can look at what’s in the Talmud and think otherwise I don’t know what to tell you- genetic totalitarianism – another study you’ll never see. Maybe it would be fine if they weren’t using their propaganda to create hedonist lowbrows, ones with fecal pigmentation I might add, and might note isn’t a coincidence.

Mutants similar to me that could be my friend are so unknown that I’m not sure why I bother. I’m mostly talking to people who are genetic maoists. No friend of mine. They see consciousness as something superfluous to living. That just means that you were born with a cleft lip or something, in my mind. An ugly freak, and there are so many of you that are all friends with each other that there’s not much chance of telling you what you believe shouldn’t be normal.

It’s not something I like to observe, and I want to see it mended rather than universalized. Whatever you tell them they will think of a rationalization of why being a genetic maoist is good. Genetics is a science, and how cleft lip liberals operate is a science too. Ugly, idiotic and want everyone to be that way so they don’t feel as bad. Quick, where’s the rationalization, tell me. It’s time to accept that we need a new humanity beyond the one we have. And if you agree with the corporations’ concept of that you are just another idiot and not a genetic friend of mine. What a noble ideal, One World where everyone has a spiritual cleft lip.

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