I’m back to the philosophy of food, because it’s so deceptively simple

Travel writings? If you want to do a genealogy you have to think about food.

I said earlier that I still need to digest that book of Agamben’s- we originally were chewing with our mouths instead of talking.

Could we see “beliefs” themselves as types of food? What is healthy versus what is fatty, carcinogenic?

That might be in people’s minds in ways we don’t understand.

What is good food? While I’m no culinary expert myself, recently I discovered fresh oregano, and I prefer that to the stuff in spice jars. There’s a parallel to that in the realm of theory as well. I rip up the leafs myself and sprinkle it on the food, and I like the smell left on my hands afterwards. It’s similar to the idea of seeing an animal carcass rib cage having a stream flow through it – you want to know the source. Yeah I do kind of want to have my own farm and eat the animals I slaughter – vegans aren’t totally confused sometimes in their fight against factory farms. We’re detached from what allows us to live. You eat a burger without thinking about the suffering that went into it, and you might enjoy the taste more if you were the one who personally farmed it. Do I eat human beings? Yes, I do. Some were pretty gross to be honest, I can’t say that I’ve had a fine meal yet. This is only the next step of the Talmud. “Talmudists are goyim themselves.” Yeah I know you “won’t allow it!” Alright, tell that to the stain of you on my napkin. A good farmer-cow who is so tasty. What, the farmers thought they would never be seen as livestock? You smell that way, you have that look in your eye, a blank stare, so?

as we traveled around the world and met with people of diverse cultures, we found that they nearly all talked about food and flavor and what is and is not delicious. This was as true in a thatch house in the Bolivian Amazon as it was in a palace in Portugal.

We’ve deviated here from the main meaning of “food”. What is tasty and healthy? We all eat every day so I think we should pay more attention to this.

I will ask a philosopher of nutrition this next. Like I said, in order to “know knowledge” one needs to talk with specialists of 1000 disciplines.

One might imagine asking the Buddha the question “What is good?” and him responding to eat natural food and talk with natural people.

“What is that? Who are they?” I kind of know when I open the fridge, and it’s similar with people. Is this a fatty person? Is there food that sharpens thinking? I’m not sure, I’m not a nutritionist, that’s what I’d ask one about though.

Food is such an important thing in life. And food is only something we consume to support the mind which is even more important. What is it that we see as food, is it good for us?

Maybe you could make me more than a sandwich in the realm of thought, humble woman?

The parades all try to tell me that you make a meal that is delicious, and I can’t vouch for that. Why can’t you join us in the clouds? If you can’t then learn how to make a good, healthy meal. And if you forced your atheist husband to pray to god before eating it then that would be good too.

“We don’t question the mainstream culture at all.” Why can’t you ever admit that it’s fast food that I consume whenever I deign to read the ones social media permits to exist on their platform?

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