Here’s a hermeneutic of suspicion

Probably… true.

Neuroscientists… have discovered that our consciousness can be split in half with a scalpel, and the two halves can have different personalities, with different likes, dislikes, and religious beliefs: one-half can be an atheist while the other believes in God.

Some synesthetes–4% of the population–experience flavors as 3D objects, and see a unique color for each number and letter. That could possibly be truer to reality. Some see that as the sixth sense. Most of our brains are black and white TV sets, great.

In the mood to let scientism engulf me. Evolved to be permanently delusional creatures – I would not be surprised.

This scientist has already claimed that “truth” is what allows us to raise kids.

I feel like I’m studying a beehive with evolutionary theory, except it’s human drones.

Darwin is pretty old news though. It seems our culture is in a reactive wave against him at present. “It’s not true, we’re more than just reproduction machines!” There’s something noble about the childless catlady. Then that raises the question of why they have cats? Sublimation. Or they have books or some such in place of kids. After thousands of years of having kids is that sublimation meaningful? Or as meaningful? I expect cope-responses to that. I’m sure there are some people who are perfectly happy though. They say “I AM more than a reproduction-machine” and it’s true that they judge themselves that way. Feminism can be its own valid hermeneutic of suspicion, can be. I just perceive lots of cope, that’s all. Having cats, writing books, that can be its own kind of antidepressant. For thousands and thousands of years people just like them didn’t do that. Can’t expect everything to turn out perfect when you’re an experiment. I wonder what that inner demon is like for them AHAHA, the one that finds it offputting when men treat them equally. Must be like a self-loathing. “This is the New World! I’m not backwards like that!” The hindbrain whispering to them that they want to be treated like a dog. Whipped, spit on. No no none of that’s real, don’t worry. We live in civilized society where that’s not real. Why many nations would rightly laugh at us if we had a female president. At least we’ll get lots of selfies of her out of it. Holding up an executive order document, the picture is really about her more than the document. Women are like a hologram, all surface. The ones of today are designed with the ideology that they’re not. They’re pretty much just advertisements of male qualities. If they’re pretty that means they have genetics that could produce a son of some talents. And then the ape-looking ones are advertisements for reproduction for its own sake, i.e. well while it might be a useless human, it will at least exist in the future. Just the brutal reality of it all. “Beepboop my programming causes me to feel the emotion of anger when I am revealed to be a hologram.” They need it sugarcoated for this reason. I mean, don’t you want your own hologram? Then you have to sugarcoat it. That’s why you won’t see this in this book on evolutionary theory, because the scientist is in part writing it for a hologram. The sometimes supernaturally beautiful hypnosis of the hologram brings you back to the illusion of “kindness”. That’s kind of how all bureaucracy works. Your boss might as well be a six foot tall roasted chicken leg. Mmm I have to be nice to that. Is God a chicken leg too? For people like Joel Osteen probably. The grumbling stomach of the Pope. He wants to be recognized in the eyes of the world. They all want to be the Brad Pitt hologram themselves. The egregore is like the green sun above and they are made of its light. Before you ask, I’m not sure what I am, I’m sure I don’t escape either. The egregore is like moldy green cheese to me. It’s making you people sick. Greenish pale, pukey skin, bags under the eyes. You are the vomit of the egregore. Some of the chunks know how to do a funny dance, twirl around in the bile, and that can be amusing. Hopefully the egregore continues to rot from green to black and we can use it as soil eventually. The Chinese will grow a pretty orchid in it. What might they garden with their orc-egregore?

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