Seeing what the King of France has to say about aesthetics. He says philosophy and art are like Lacan’s master and hysteric, and that the hysteric says to the master

Truth speaks through my mouth, I am here. You have knowledge, tell me who I am.

This is cracking me up. Art prefers to live in its pre-philosophical lifeworld because it doesn’t tend to like the answer of who it is.

It’s counter-intuitive to think of someone like Spielberg as a hysteric. What could he have ever done wrong? It’s Spielberg! Beauty can have that effect- seeming invincible. That’s part of why it’s dangerous. One has more of a readiness to question non-art.

It doesn’t speak to you like a person. Watching a film isn’t like having a conversation or listening to a lecture. The beauty is in the front of the experience, while the truth-content is hidden in the background. It’s not perceived as a person talking and making a proposition that can be either true or false. And even if it isn’t perceived that way that doesn’t mean that’s not what it’s (often) doing. Pretend you’ve never seen a film or heard of the idea of film in your life – what would you think of this thing you’re seeing for the first time? Before your eyes is not a simple phenomenon, we just think it is because we’ve seen so many of them. A cynic might say that it tricks you into believing something. Are directors “nefarious”? Some maybe. Even if they aren’t, that’s just the nature of the medium, to subtly persuade. It’s not perceived that way, it’s perceived as “It’s a movie.”

You think you know what art is without having ever studied aesthetic theory? That’s a laugh

the imitation of the effect of truth…

If truth can exist as charm, then we are fated to lose the force of dialectical labor, of the slow argumentation that, prepares the way for the ascent to the Principle.

Artists will be hysterical about some of these things. It’s the same way that a priest reacts when you question whether something they believe is illusory.

The Christian God is dead. The God of Art is still alive.

Not ALL of it is propaganda. There’s plenty in orthodox theology for instance that is true.

“You can’t apply the labels true or false to art!” In some cases, no. Paintings? It’s more difficult, still it can be there. Anything with words in it is suspect.

This is another one of those things where everyone thinks they know what something is and they don’t know what it is at all. That Spielberg book that mentions “managing opinion”? That’s why it’s so effective, because no one sees it that way. With a newspaper you might have that thought. Art is perceived as epistemologically and morally neutral. I beg to disagree with these hysterics.

It makes beauty ugly, that’s why they don’t like aesthetic theory

The definition of art, and of art alone, is thus the following: To be the charm of a semblance of truth.

Remember those poets from the other day? How they believe themselves to be gods?

It’s so amusing leading sacred cows to the slaughterhouse.

It’s not so scary when you think of it this way

The norm of art must be education; the norm of education is philosophy. This is the first knot that ties our three terms (art, philosophy, and education) together.

Art is Narcissus, it’s never going to listen anyway. “I’m a god!”

The main point is that while it pretends that it isn’t education, it is.

Thus, similar to Laruelle and the service nomads regarding the reformation of the sciences- it needs checks and balances.

“No one’s gonna tell me what to do.” The miseducated miseducating others and refusing to be educated.

Sound like “fightin words” to you? Aesthetics isn’t all about lollipops and sunshine.

Some artists, like Spielberg, are a menace to society. “How dare you say that.”

Seemingly everyone in the reactosphere, for years, concentrates on the news. It’s not all about the news! The news is a primitive artform. There’s so much of it and constantly, and that makes it a problem. It doesn’t have the effect of a profound experience at the foundation of the soul.

In this context I’m starting to warm up to Badiou’s idea of grounding philosophy in math. The equation should be math, morality, art, in that order. Propaganda of Absolute Goodness. Who wouldn’t want that? Uhh decadents, that’s who. When art isn’t moral it’s ugly- you’d think that would be enough to convince them to stop telling themselves that they’re gods. No, in the cathedral ugliness is worshiped, and so they do what one does when one is in Rome. People probably think I’m exaggerating because they see me as a cartoon character. One of the main reasons the cathedral is so bad is because there is no control of art. “Oh it’s funny you use that word, “control”, you want to control me huh?” Not me, read Badiou for yourself, he’s right about a lot. If it’s a servant to the state it’s going to promulgate evil like any other node. In this case, it’s possibly the subtlest node of all, because it can be so beautiful all the while pretending to be neutral. Is a hysteric reading this? I didn’t invite you, you asked me to tell you who you are.

Even Coppola is a puppet?? It’s so sad. I’m willing to scrap anything in our culture. Blood Meridian? I don’t know if I could go there… I will listen if someone has a criticism. This is how everything on the “screens” should be treated- with a skepticism. As things stand now, most people are purely passive and absorptive. This has effects on one’s personality- you’re essentially volunteering to be programmed. PKD? Bring it on. Dugin criticizes the cyborg ethos and I appreciate a fresh perspective.

This Handbook of Inaesthetics by the King of France is really good

As Rousseau writes in the Letter to D’Alembert: “The spectacle is made for the people, and it is only by its effects upon the people that its absolute qualities can be determined.”

All forms of education, the subtle types and otherwise, have produced these lowbrow bovines of our culture. Someone is responsible. The academy is only one part of the “education” problem in our society. People are arguably a lot more educated by art. So explain all these cretins to me, please. Whose fault is it for these deformed, depraved swine who wallow in a septic gutter and subscribe to civilization-disintegrating politics?

Ah he’s getting dialectical here

Art delivers us from the subjective barrenness of the concept. Art is the absolute as subject–it is incarnation.

He says philosophy is like God, and art is like the son. Yes, that’s exactly what it is in our time too. I apologize if I crucify it. The divine one I would not crucify. Someone is responsible for the swine, and it’s not just “the news”.

Look, we have a doctor in the house

You’re never going to convince it that it’s not a god, so good luck. Ah yes, I love these spiritual cleft lips that they often facilitate, some real gods here. People who supposedly believe in beauty bringing about the opposite in the world. Many of the people who create the art of the screens are just as corrupt as people see journalists as, and they’re never held accountable. So many of the cultural nodes need to be thrown through the fires of hell to be purified.

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