Didn’t know this about Bertolt Brecht

His “non-Aristotelian” (meaning nonclassical and ultimately Platonic) theater is an artistic invention of the first caliber within the reflexive element of a subordination of art.

Just no humility, I think that’s the problem in many cases. I always think “I wish I could be as great as neech”. They love themselves too much for anything like that. Even this Stalinist Brecht does something right in allowing great minds to inspire him (Marx). Actual gods among humans did exist in history, and people prefer to believe themselves gods instead, and usually end up justifying the status quo because of their arrogance. It’s one with the spirit of the age to see anyone better as a “tyrant”. What happens is that without ideals one’s own ego is the tyrant. And “the mob lives in your head too” so it’s the mob that is the tyrant, and they’re controlled from the top down. Letting Marx be your tyrant would be a lot better for society than status quo liberalism. I have a pantheon of “tyrants” living in my head, it doesn’t need to be only one thinker. Art at the service of Shmakov, yeah right, never going to happen. Even though that that could “save society”. No one is going to save society with mainstream liberalism being the “great mind” behind their art. Do I agree with neech about everything? No, I just think he was right about many things and I constantly remember that. You’re not going to hear the perspectives of some of these thinkers amongst the herd-animals. So you have to keep them in reality yourself.

Call it pretentious if you want- I believe great art is possible, and that it’s not only a thing of the past. It’s close to impossible if one remains fused to contemporary liberalism. To distant yourself from that you need to have “chats” with radical thinkers. Only a very rare nature is capable of this- I myself am too close to philosophy purely. Our age is too aligned with plebeian instincts for great art to be possible unless one abandons this age altogether. The choice is yours, I am only outlining how I believe it potentially could be done.

What a tragedy it is when the great works of Spielberg are seen in a new light as crude state propaganda. Spielberg–a prostitute?! Who could ever have expected it. Go ahead and try to play a game with words to convince me that any prostitute could ever be counted as a true artist. Art is about timelessness, not about justifying the present order. So many whores, so little beauty, it’s time to put an end to it. What a culture of ugliness it is, and it’s all human beings with free will who are creating it.

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