So, there are people out there, unaffiliated with the system, who believe in higher ideals for their own sake? Really? I’m grateful for that if that exists. That probably isn’t that great a life for you if I had to guess. Why do you do it? Because you care? Well that’s pretty cool in my opinion.

Anyway, I’m continuing going through this Badiou book on aesthetics and I find some gravity in the following

The fate of true politics is staked on the firmness of its attitude toward the poem.

This is from a discussion about the Republic. Whenever you hear about “poetry” in that context think of media in general. They didn’t have all our newfangled neo-poems in Plato’s time. Where do you see anyone being firm about the various types of media? I don’t really see it anywhere. True art isn’t around, true politics isn’t around. Let’s not even mention my pet favorite.

I need to travel or something, being firm for years and for what? Clownworld continues to operate.

The ideal system is the one controlled by mind

what is true politics, the well-founded politeia? It is philosophy itself, to the extent that philosophy guarantees the grip of thought upon collective existence

Pretty much no one says this. To the degree that they don’t they are demonstrating that they are fine living in a “democratic” order. What is it about in many cases, not wanting to “scare the hoes”? Just want to lay low, seem “normal”, so you avoid pronouncing on such higher order subjects. That just means that you are fine living in a world that is governed blindly.

“I just want to take a pretty girl on a picnic.”

You’re really that simple huh?

Time to laugh deliriously for me.

The implications of wanting the world to be run by philosopher-kings, you don’t want to face those, you might go off the edge if you do that. If you’re someone who understands that then I value your existence. There’s not going to be anyone there to give you an award for that HAHA! only hate, or mostly hate so I’m here to tell you you’re doing it right. In fact I’m giving you an award right now, pretend I’m handing you one. Philosophy obsessives only have each other. We can only expect perpetual hostility from everyone else. It’s Vegas baby. The light in the eye of the materialist is something demonic. The winking smile they use to forgive each other for their renunciation of principles. Nothing in their motivations is good, life is just one con to them. Surrounding themselves with other cretins, they plan out how to make the best of the chaotic order rather than attempt to improve it. Being a “bad apple” is just standard fare. There’s really no language harsh enough to adequately describe their pact with worldliness. Bitchbrain betaboy is one way to think of them. Just let all the evil in the world get away with it and even join the evil, what else are you? You might all fool each other… Reminds me of a Muslim woman, their submission to the state. “And that’s just life.” Since there are so many of them it isn’t really questioned. Did you ever end up taking the shoes and socks off the last Jewish feet you kissed or are you still at the kissing the shoe level? That’s good, when it’s barefoot that’s when you have to worry. That’s when the final semblance of humanity has disappeared. Have you publicly proclaimed how much you love hut-savages today? Remember, you really shouldn’t miss even one day of that, nigger. The renunciation of individuality, of any defiance, is too pathetic to see. All for a picnic with someone who’s probably a bimbo. “I’ve reached such the lowest of the low that I will be a slave even for THAT.” The Jewish Gynocracy, you do what it tells you. Can we bring back the pillory for this? Something needs to be done with these ones. Put them in a pillory, watch as children run by and slap em, taunt them in a humiliating way for days, maybe that’ll change them. In the middle of the public square with pants soiled, that’s where they should be. They believe in nothing, and anyone who tells them to stop is reviled. The world of dumpstersluts and the losers who use them for a nut, it’s a magical place. Something to be constantly celebrated. Just splashing a bucket of filth in your face. You’re in the pillory, what do you expect? It’s fine, maybe I’ll leave you there overnight, it’ll be good for ya. Wait, people who defend our political order don’t deserve a death sentence instead? I like this idea of yours, tell me more. It’s almost like if people allow evil to exist they’re just as bad themselves even if they aren’t evil. As the world goes around, and you finally fall asleep in the pillory, only to be rudely awakened by another child running by and slapping you again and then mocking you.

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