There’s no point in trying to reform the status quo, my friends. They have a deceptive concept in their mind of what “the status quo” is that prevents them from ever understanding. Only play that game if you want to be a total scapegoat. They want people who question them dead or starving, their kids brainwashed, and their women raped, and that about says it all. You should be a happy slave with slave children too, and you should be happy if women have 90 partners. If you question that guess what? I for one would find it exceedingly hilarious if many Jews were brutally murdered. I would like to have a happy life sometime, and you prevent that, so what else do you expect? They want your children raised in an environment where nigger apes are perceived as ones to emulate. They are nigger apes, they should be in a jungle. This isn’t something one should have to argue. 109, also an unquestionable truth that is obviously arguable that you cannot argue. Let me know pal. Are you happy with a whore wife? I’m so excited. What’s the point? They get to grow up among the cowards born from other whore wives. What a society. We’re the first world, we should be so proud. Kikes, whores, cowards, niggers, let’s make sure everyone in the world copies this. All these beings of light that they should be emulating. A jew shot in the head point-blank? No one would find that funny. No, I’m not even being funny- people don’t like that because killing jews means all the terrible garbage is judged. All you human garbage are indeed judged. The only thing preventing people from seeing what you are is the jew. Thus the holocaust myth is of utmost importance to you. You’re a nigger. That’s just a fact. Even some of the most intelligent whites are niggers. You believe consciousness should not exist anymore. And if you do believe that general maxim then you re-interpret it so you align with the corporations, you are a nigger. Truly. You don’t have an excuse, you are a subhuman who is mad someone told you what you are. If subhumans control government one would almost get the thought that maybe we should just kill all of them? Why would I want morons in control? They have to depend on AI tek to soothe them that they aren’t niggers themselves. Yes you are nigger! Jews, women, and muds are all incapable of conscious thought and need to hide it so they’re perceived as “people” with opinions worth recognizing. You… live in a hut? You…. were kicked out of 109 countries? You…. can’t even cook pastaroni? You are a bunch of niggers with no dignity. Go on and say my name, nigger. You can’t, because you live in that world. A stupid ape. “I’ll make an excuse for myself now” – that’s what a worthless nigger does. And you will do it, because that’s what you are. Thus the only option is murder. Start planning secretly without them knowing. “We need to say niggers are good! Jews are people whose feet I need to kiss!” Okay you are not someone I am speaking to here. Someone who criticizes the system isn’t allowed to have friends, that’s something you should think about if you’re not one of their slaves. I don’t see much hope at all in life many hours of the day. I oppose the establishment and they all align against me. Don’t you care about anything else? The answer is no. Anyone who challenges them is ostracized from society. Are “109” and “nigger” synonymous in any way I wonder, speaking of that?

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