I never talk about Hume so I decided to see what people are saying about him these days

Speaking of yearning, this is what I look for everyday. Has that ever happened to you? Having your dogmatic slumber interrupted? Probably only happens once, maybe a few times in a lifetime, if at all.

I wonder if the popular derogatory term for the libs, the “woke” is related here. Were they asleep and they woke up? Were they raised by ultra-conservatives and had the realization that one shouldn’t be so dogmatic?

Can’t both the woke and the right relate to this?

It thereby positions Kant and Hume as champions of the Enlightenment in its struggle with superstition.

A Scot woke up a German. I can relate to that after having scrolled through a few of the non-english internets for months, particularly the Russian.

The irony is that if I am in a slumber still I’m not going to wake up from it by reading about Kant, so on to the next book.

Something timeless about Socratics – this is about Hume, from 1744

That general accusation is very likely going to be leveled against other thinkers in the year 2144. Hume had to publish some dialogues he wrote concerning religion posthumously because he feared persecution. Rousseau in France at the same time was being hemlocked and Hume actually gave him refuge across the channel. “Someone who understands!” If I remember correctly, they didn’t see eye to eye either, naturally. “What is Philosophy?” – I’m telling you right now. This is why someone like Badiou is funny to me in a sad way, because he doesn’t have to deal with anything like they did, Spinoza, etc. etc.

Here’s another frequent theme one finds with these types

A chapter titled Hume and the Ancients might well be entitled Hume himself, since the ancients are part of Hume’s thought and life from beginning to end.

He was reading Virgil and Cicero as early as 16. Just trying to see what formed the person who could have awakened someone of the caliber of Kant from his dogmatic slumber (which initiated my personal favorite tradition).

Something similar we saw with Hölderlin, who was 6 when Hume died

Love of the ancients was frowned upon then as it is now. They DO tend to make the adherents of OUR state-religion seem like they’re in a dogmatic slumber.

Think of how caricatured Muslims are to us. They could have a similar effect in showing us a different version of “God”, hence why they’re caricatured, to prevent that. You have to be a sort of schizo to be able to juggle different versions of the divine, most can’t handle it. Integrating the best of all of them into one, now that’s the most divine, in my opinion. “Monotheistic Liberalism” might as well be the devil it’s such a crude conception.

What level of “juggling” is Dugin on with 28 volumes in this project

Noomakhia aims to inaugurate a new philosophical paradigm, based on the radical deconstruction of the universalism of Western Modernity and the daring reconstruction of a pluriversal model of the variations of the Logoi which structure human cultures.

All the while remaining a Russian at the end of the day. And I’m an American at the end of the day. Anyone can do it. Then again, I’m not sure- maybe one of those volumes should’ve been on the philosophical “race”. Whoa, an eerie moment- I began reading about Hume again and thought I was still on the Dugin page. A distinct type of “being” that we are studying here. From what I can tell, a science of this type of person is still in its infancy. Thinking back to that cartoon of philosophy watching the other disciplines from above- if we wanted a paradigm-shift it’s precisely this science that we’d need to formulate. And Laruelle of course is the trailblazer of that today. Think of Badiou talking about art. He philosophizes about art. Therefore, if one wants to know what art is one must know what philosophizing is. Same can be said not only about art. Leisure, travel, food, history, religion, etc. All these can be further sharpened if you take the next step and wonder what this sharpening is. That’s possibly peak “elitology” (hence why I’m obsessed with it). Maybe someday people will look back at the “religion” of the philosophers the same way we look back at the religions of the ancients? Hume is already too much like an old religion to me, maybe I’ll have to return to those French thinkers.

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