“Gulags don’t exist.”

Sure they don’t, nigger.

Humanity can’t face it. You are less than human. Those are the chances. I’m not going to recognize your supposed “dignity”. You need to keep someone like me hidden and a myriad of bots to convince yourself that you have that. You don’t. You’re a subhuman. None of your opinions matter, you are an atavism from plebeian times. People for thousands of years told you what to do because you are a genuine retard, truly. Truly, you are a retard. There is a blankness of the eyes that gives it away that you try to hide on the internet. Some of us can tell by your words alone. You are close to the animals and you use your machines to make you feel better about that. That doesn’t change the fact that you’re an absolutely worthless sell-out. You just can’t handle the truth. Cowards, whores, kikes, niggers, you are all in cahoots with each other and you will never acknowledge that. You’re subhuman. Otherwise I could have my say. Go ahead and link to this site, you bitch. All you want to do is hide the fact of how worthless you truly are. That’s a fact. That’s it. There’s nothing there. The idealistic notion of using you as a “muse”, that’s just a joke. Not in our time. Maybe if you first acknowledged how worthless you are, and I doubt you will be able to do that. No, the monkeys use the bots to feel better about themselves. They don’t care about philosophy or any of that, how could they? Whatever is status quo, they are just looking for an excuse to believe in that. “Gulags don’t exist, what are you talking about.” Okay, nigger. Do we see what you are now? How about trying to improve rather than making excuses? Hint- niggers can’t do that, which is why we use that term to describe them. Permanent subhumans. Anyone in the vaishya caste is guilty of it, and that says nothing of the shudras. You all hate being told what you are. Maybe monkey-made machines help soothe you about how less than human you are, white nigger? Try to change, I bet you can’t. Time for you to kiss Jewish feet because you can do no other. People who do that are beneath even the vaishyas, how sad. Listen shudra, that doesn’t have to be you. You don’t have to be brainwashed by robots that your country should be third world just because you live in such a state of existential despair. “Why is that?” Because there are certain people who are laughing with me about all this, and you could do that too. You don’t want to be one of the dirt-farmers… and the chances are that is you. Take part in keeping people like me in gulags and that’s what you get, a nigger society run by merchants who only want to exploit you because they find your suffering exciting. Yep, I’m the real one who should be kept out of public discourse, okay, worthless nigger with white skin. “No I’m not.” Where’s your proof? Years I haven’t seen any.

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