It’s you, you’re a BLM protestor except without that label, the year is 2021 and you are conforming to what is expected of you. Others aren’t allowed to tell you that you’re just a sell-out and not doing anything courageous, what do you do?

“I’m a white nigger, what do you think?” – Ah one of those. I can only expect that you’ll act like the permanent nigger that you are. Hello my monkey friend how are you? You have the internet now, do you want to know who you are? I’m only trying to help you with this, you don’t have to react like a…


A what? I noticed you don’t have fur anymore, that’s a good sign. Do you think that’s enough?

“I’m a nigger who keeps you in a gulag.”

Yes. Have you ever tried to say that out loud? “I’m a dirt nigger who believes in gulags because I am too weak to have a normal conversation”? Have you done that, dirt nigger?No, dirt niggers can’t do that, look at what they are.

HAHAHA non-human beings who have the illusion they have consciousness HAHAHAHAH!!

You believe we should turn into apes, you are already an ape yourself. You have no dignity. No dignity you nigger. Make an excuse for it. What a surprise, the nigger does what it always does and pretends it isn’t what it is. Look at the nigger in the zoo.

“We need to keep people who tell us what we are hidden” – that is what a nigger would say, time to accept that your opinion is worth nothing.

Tattoo the word “NIGGER” on your forehead.

Haha! Unconscious robot!

You’re absolutely worthless. Time to go off and be an ape.

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