How the Chinese interpret eugenics is a strange thing to see – they have academic disciplines devoted to it

When you read a page like that you really get the sense that the Chinese are more eugenic than us.

This is like their wikipedia basically

Imagine being able to hyperlink to “population quality” on our wikipedia! That doesn’t exist, because everyone is so perfect. A nation of crybabies. China is going to beat you.

They have a page for “Aggressive Eugenics”. Aggressive Dysgenics is state policy on our own side of the world. Such that many can’t even read a post like this because they’re imprisoned by self-deception. “Walnut brains don’t exist!” Sounds like something only a walnut brain would say. Ah how I dream of white people working on my plantation.

Anyway, I discovered this simply through looking for “overview of academic disciplines” in Mandarin to see if they had any we didn’t. That one kind of catches the eye.

It’s kind of a secret that CRISPR is synonymous with eugenics.

I for one think we should splice some genes to make people look like this – what do you think, dear propagandists?

Notice that they all hide a picture like this. And this even is far from the ugliest abomination one can have the misfortune to spot. Just imagine the spirit that is within the skull of this thing. A soul swirling around that might as well be a fart. “The future you chose.” All the people who push for it will only end up avoiding this type of fart race. Who wants to spend time with someone with 90 IQ? Sounds deadening. They’ll just have them churned out in order for the white poors to endure them. A “noble lie” can’t be said to be very noble when that’s the result. “They told me it would be a pizza horse and all I got was this kid who needs affirmative action to get through elementary school, I was so deceived. Why didn’t they ever show me pictures like the above? Something shady about ruining my life like that.” Conned into reincarnating into an abomination. That’s you now. What do you plan to do with your walnut brain? So many opportunities. Beg for pity? Blame others for the generations your ancestors spent in a jungle? Lots of opportunities that I’m sure will be rewarding.

Cultures going opposite directions

That’s my first thought when I see a baby with a “flat brain” – “super cute” – you too?

They keep this hush hush about those twins they edited in China

Any thoughts, or no?

Ah a 404 page

They probably are doing this, and we’re not going to hear about it.

Then who knows what’s going on underground on our side of the world – you see some weird stuff on the Sinonet

First time I’ve seen this concept theorized about outside of my own site

There’s a start-up to create a CRISPR virtual reality game…

A “renaissance woman” – science alone wasn’t enough for her

The type of person who is going to create the future!

“Asian woman optics” – (of course you need to hear my cynical two cents)

Feeling humbled by this woman of color – that’s a new experience

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