Finally, something on his book on neech from the 70s

Praying it doesn’t focus too much on Deleuze.

I have a feeling this is going to be super (((French)))

Oh well, it’s bound to be more interesting than anglosphere interpretations.

Already a sign of more honesty than usual

Right from the outset, I can say that the following book indirectly deconstructs Laruelle’s interpretation

Yes, in France Nietzsche would be plainly “Nietzsche, the Rebel”.

Just so sick of it all, theorists and rabble both.

Give me something new and profound, someone, please.

You know I’m desperate if I’m resorting to the French now. The rolling tumbleweed of our culture.

2020 this was written? Definitely a symptom of the academy. Using neech and abstruse frenchmen to justify mainstream prog values. “Ode to the Cathedral” ahahah.

We might possibly find the appropriation of Laruelle by the Nouvelle Droite.

Regarding neech scholarship I definitely get this sense

Here we find at least one of the motifs from Schopenhauer’s treatise: professors as schemers who support one another. 

There’s a grand conspiracy against him, a ressentiment. They don’t like his whip at all. They make him so gentle and rosy-cheeked, might as well adorn him in the garb of antifa, that’s the only way they let his core speak, if it’s strained through their convenient filter. It’s all so sad, I see it as similar in gravity to if the system-puppets all decided to misinterpret Einstein. The academy should be nobler than that, it should not march in lockstep with the corporations for one (good luck). The academy levels neech himself. Of course if you told them all this, said “scheming” would only continue.

Young Land is the only worthwhile thing the academy has produced for years, and of course they showed him the same fate he describes here

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