Did you know that’s how they see it?

I’ve only heard this from one other person, that Singaporean Mahbubani. And he only touches on it briefly. Maybe because he thought his English readers might find it offensive? Are a billion and a half people living with a delusional understanding of world history or what? Who’s the wrong one, us or them?

This writer reads our historical education like a book- Greeks, Romans, Christianity, Reformation, the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, the Industrial Revolution, human rights,

Newton, Darwin, and Freud. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and the birth of the American republic.

Pretty much, right? We’re all given a pretty cookie-cutter history in school.

How do the Chinese see it?

It is a story that few in the West really know. And that’s a problem, especially as China grows more powerful on the global stage. We tend to talk about China through the prism of our own world history.

I never get tired of telling you this is real diversity. That concept they always use doesn’t really mean anything. You can’t even talk about how the Chinese see it without slaughtering sacred cows of our own. I expect conversation between diplomats to mostly remain on a cosmetic level for this reason. “Even” the French who revolve around Other-worship are so enclosed in their own egos.

Can’t you feel that egoism yourself when you hear that they believe they were the superpower of the world for thousands of years until recently, and want to be the superpower again? “Ah hell naw.” Wait, I thought you weren’t racist? The idea of the “yellow peril” isn’t relatable to you at all, right? “No!”


We in the West tend to equate the emergence of a truly global economy with the rise of Europe. But China was the beating heart of a global economic system that existed centuries before the Portuguese, Dutch, and British took control of East-West exchange.

Sassoon, so dirty

He is not mentioned in this book.

Anyway, in around 2030 they’re going to perceive it as “back to business as usual”. We in the west, to say the least, do not perceive it that way. That’s A LOT of people who disagree with us about world history. If they start getting aggressively imperial in the years on the way, that’s something about them we’re going to have to understand. What we think of as high and low culture isn’t going to be the same. We can expect a Sinosupremacy. Are they right? They think they are, and that’s what will matter.

Will they even retain their “blip” of Marxism?

President Xi personally promotes the old ethical codes, literature, and governing ideology of imperial times.

What’s ONE century of humiliation in a 5000 year history? They’re not going to be “respecting western values”.

Nah, I think most people live too much in the present to even care at all

To many of us in the West, this turn toward the totalitarian is distressing.

5000 years? Speaking of “foundations”, the US couldn’t even keep it together for a quarter of one millennium. “We’re doin’ great, what are you talkin’ about?” Is that one of the baboons saying that? The opinions of baboons are so valuable, thanks. China wouldn’t be a problem if we didn’t have these creatures in our country. Hopefully when the Chinese get to decide what “standard history” is they acknowledge that not all of us were like you shameful apes. “They treated walnut brains like equals and demonized the ones they were jealous of.” They pretended women rogicar ahaha. Confucius already refuted feminism thousands of years ago is probably how they’ll see it (and they’ll be right).

I talk about how soul-crushing it is to live among “Jewish Christians”, and these orientals seem to have an even cruder conception of the divine. Problem is, they disagree.

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