I have to admit I had some fun reading that “Veronica” (you only wish your name was Veronica, that you had the grace of a Veronica) so I’m seeing what who I take to be the female equivalent of Laruelle is up to these days, and while I don’t pay attention too closely to France so I might be off, that seems to be Irigaray. This is all just so fun to me because in our cultural climate one can’t expect honest responses to these brilliant women. “You go girl!” I like philosophy, I’m not here to flatter people. Speaking of the state of exception, women aren’t allowed to be criticized at all. You’re all hippies- non-judgment. If I have to be next to someone with B.O. I’m probably going to say something to them. And that’s where the hippie movement is these days.

Anyway, click here if you want to see what I think of a recent book of Irigaray’s – looks like scholars have put together a book ON that book since then (which I might have to take a look at).

Imagine that France is like one of those uncontacted Amazonian tribes. As far as clay pots go, one can really appreciate Irigaray’s. It’s clear that she loves Nietzsche and that she wants to be one of his “philosophers of the future”. And usually ressentiment gets in the way of people wanting that. She actually did try to do that, so there’s nothing I can say against her. Plus, she’s 90 years old! No, it would be rude to refer to an old woman as a “dinosaur” so I will not do that. What people are just incapable of understanding is that French theory in general seems like “boomer talk”. It’s not something that I can help, I instantly deconstruct what they’re saying, and it’s child’s play to me. And some people in the reactosphere seem accurate when they trace some of the woke religion of the US back to France. So when you find these theorists amusing you really find their clones amusing.

I don’t expect feminism in America to ever supersede Irigaray in any real sense because it’s too vulgar. They’re behind even Beauvoir. Are you going to keep coping about it or do you actually want emancipation? It isn’t an easy balance, this “experiment” with the reproduction-machines. Beauvoir is a Promethean figure and they’re paying the price for it now. If you’re too excessive you’re going to be set back. de Beauvoir was part of the nobility, that can’t be said of nearly all American women. If they try to use her basic framework they will only cheapen it.

I have to tell you again- I’m not evil, I have the incentive to try to help you simply because I hate idiots so much. I’m not trying to trick you into being a slave, I am trying to show you that freedom is only possible within limits, and if you exceed those then you will indeed end up being a slave.

Heh speaking of that book from earlier about only men moving on to the more advanced logic courses, Irigaray is such a simple writer next to Laruelle. I challenge you to read one for a half hour then the other for another half hour and let me know if I’m wrong about this. So modest, and they think the sacred revolution gave them an equal vote.

“GRRRRRR grrrrr GRRRRRR Girl power!”

And think that I consider her as about 100x more profound than the typical American feminist. They are not Veronicas. Bridget. Molly Jo. There’s a way to cultivate yourself in this life so you don’t act like a “farmer’s daughter”. Did you ever read those Greek tragedians? Anne Carson is another Veronica of our culture who could be your guide to those. Refined, classy ladies, not many of them, and they’re dying off, it’s devastating.

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