Post this picture any of you niggers

What an ape-looking nigger! And why won’t anyone admit it? Look at this nigger, how will it invent anything, look at the face of it, it resembles some kind of pre-human being, what a nigger! Whoever has tried to hide this is a nigger themselves. What a dirty monkey, look at that white skinned nigger, how worthless. Truly worthless monkey nigger. Look at the picture above, why have you hid that? Do you see any humanity in those eyes? The word nigger is banned because it so accurately reflects realities. All grifters are niggers too. You survived on social media, do you want to say what you name is now? I could say it for you if you want. Think racial garbage that can never be redeemed. Scroll up to the picture there and wonder again. I see a human being there, don’t you? That’s a human being, it isn’t a nigger. Clearly. People don’t care if the nigger human is universalized, so I have to conclude they’re niggers themselves. You’re less than human. No consciousness in your brain and thus you have to rely on numbers of many imbeciles like yourself. What a sad nigger. Why don’t you keep thinking of excuses for why you’re less than human you nigger? You have white skin, aww is that enough?

Here’s the nigger of the future. Why do you always hide this kind of picture and use symbols instead? It looks like a brainless nigger. Are you already that?

“We trust the bots!”

That’s a nice monkey face there, enjoy your brainwash. What a nigger!

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