Show that is what you want America to be in the future you total nigger

Why is it always only symbols? Why don’t you show what a picture of future america looks like.


The U.S.A. is going to be the best country in the world

Why does everyone always hide the nigger? Do you want to keep this secret per chance? It looks like a monkey. Do you want to keep that secret? Or are you a monkey yourself you nigger?

“I flatter Jews!!!!!!!”

You look like a monkey now as a result.

Any response to this? Or are you going to continue flattering Jews and looking increasingly like a monkey? I think I know, monkey.

Show this, it’s all it takes

It looks like a monkey AHAHAHAHAAHA! And no one will admit it. Why won’t they? It looks like some kind of creature from neanderthal times. Look at it. Why can you ever express it in symbol? You trying to hide something about people who are less than human and resemble something you’d see at the zoo? Why all the symbols for years, seriously? It looks like an ape, how do you address that?

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