Maybe you and I will understand each other better if we go through a book like this huh?

“Get me out of here! It’s time to go.”

I’m not like one of those kids who likes to twist the heads off birds, okay? If you speak in direct language you’re going to be seen as a violent person. Reality is pain, that’s why we have all these filters and reluctances. No one has ever wanted to bring up the connection between accelerationism and pain. It’s too bad that it’s only been digital (so far). Some would grow if they were actually made to bleed. Yes, many adults are still children, and thus they need to be “spanked”. I can see this as an opportunity for feminists to grow, though they’d never admit it (publicly). Dress up like a maid and be whipped. Now, I’ve never claimed to be a mind-reader… Of course physical violence is not civilized, and not one soul would appreciate it, in a morbid way or not. No one would–paradoxically–love to be strangled and verbally demeaned. That’s “beyond the bounds of the acceptable” to even bring that up. I just like human psychology and I think there’s something amusing about how some self-proclaimed feminists might like to be treated as a toilet. I for one find all of this erotic. Making them cry, that thought makes me drool. It’s the submission that turns me on I think. That’s why I could never take feminism seriously. What’s sexy about that, unless you’re just playing a game? In which case part of the game is not admitting it’s a game. Smothering them so they whimper, there’s something about that I find hot, and I feel like a healthy person! “You’re not.” Something about the idea of raping a baby into them. The idea of them being “broken”, I like that. A good obedient rape victim to raise my child. That’s almost necessary these days for people like me – no woman is allowed to admit that she’s attracted to a Nazi. So it would be the status quo within her that is being raped. Choked and bitten. I’ve often fantasized about kidnapping one of the ones who seems she’s destined to be a catlady. Keep her in my basement until her birth control wears off and knock her up, with or without duct tape around her mouth, as is required. Are we off the reservation now? Could you say that? I understand that sadomasochism is intrinsic to feminism, both are excesses, one a response to the other. I don’t agree with the imposed power dynamic, women don’t deserve the power they are allotted, so I desire to restore the proper balance, and what better way than with violence? Honestly I like the idea of pure humiliation. Maybe afterward I’ll be “cuddly”. A sprained wrist, bruises such that you better not show your face in public for a time, no no that’s going too far. It depends how “sick” some women are in the head, really. And I doubt they’d admit how far it goes. They’d just secretly like it while they cried. “I just want to go on a picnic in the park, keep me away from all that.” Whatever, just expressing something that my personal subconscious believes, it need not apply to you. I could very well be messed up in the head, who knows. Violence, slavery, pregnancy, that’s a dark side of the psyche, how those are all connected. Let’s just say I wouldn’t trust the idea of a child growing up in an equalist environment so I feel the urge to take drastic steps to alter the cultural brainwash. Yes, this is my slave here, and she’s a happy slave too. I can’t help that that’s what I like. “I’m calling the police.” Just being honest…

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