This title describes me so well

Maybe I’m just in a Bataille mood. This all seems to be connected with epistemology. Both “participants” have to be willing to cause pain and experience pain in order for truth to emerge, and that requires risk and intimacy. Most people avoid all of that! They’re just conformists 24/7, they can’t take any risks. They don’t trust people enough to. They fear the pain too. If they take a risk and cause pain through telling truth they expect to be buried in even more pain in return! They don’t like to play, no one plays. This title alone is a perfect muse, I haven’t gotten to the book yet.

often liken SM to extreme sports such as skydiving and rock climbing.

Could epistemology be that extreme? Ideally, in my view. Reminds me of how I talk about the posthuman developing refutations to our belief-systems that melt our skin off. “Horizon? Here are five other horizons you never considered that I’m going to describe to you within one minute time. Are you ready?”

Interesting connection here to what I was talking about yesterday regarding reason and art

On one level, the discursive connections between SM and theater provide access to the ideological (and emotional) defense that SM is somehow not quite real.

Yes it’s fantasy, don’t worry. It’s not realistic fiction at all. wink. That makes it more palatable, less “truly violent”. Reason is violent, art is gentle. When art is violent it is reason. Why there is the “wanting to punch” phenomenon in regard to philosophers is because they themselves “started it”- philosophy IS punching. Being questioned makes you catch your breath, that’s a kind of pain. Confusion is a type of pain. Speaking of esotericism, you don’t see this often admitted by philosophers. “We are sadists.” If it’s not painful I’m not sure if it is philosophy. Maybe this is just a mood of mine. I think that many people identify with philosophy when it causes pain, and that’s why some won’t feel pain themselves, because they experience it as inflicted on the non-philosophical not-them. It’s enjoyable to read Plato from Socrates’ perspective for instance, and more frustrating to read him from the perspective of his interlocutor. “Why you callin me out why you callin me out?”

Who knows what goes on in people’s minds!

the fantasy element connects SM to other fantasy interests, such as science fiction novels, films, and role-playing adventure games.

They like to pretend to be a character and be beaten up? I bet a Jewess would like to “find out” what it’s actually like to be “abused”. Anne Frank survived, it’s just that as she got older she developed a pathological condition where she… Use your imagination. Why don’t they have something like this on Netflix? Oh right, it would destroy everything we know about the state religion. Athens and Jerusalem are ideally dialectical. Only one is allowed to give the other “the pain of truth” – that can’t be healthy for either. “No.. a mischling baby is forbidden, he can’t rape me..” I dare you to say something like this in public. No risk. You’d be seen as so fucked up. Nazi rape. You live in a white country, it’s not at all confusing why you might like that. There’s a cognitive dissonance where you only pretend to hate white males. Pretend to yourself. “Uh thanks for all the first world convenience by the way, how about I repay you the favor by getting on my knees.” I love how we have to believe in the feminist myth that women are angelic beings when they’re in reality so filthy-minded. Bloody, piss-soaked, tear-stained, leaking semen. Disgusting creatures, they really are pigs. Time to take a shower, put on your person costume, and behave in society like that isn’t you. “He’s gaslighting me into being his toilet, and it’s working!” No, that’s just a figure of speech. Unless? Probably just a symptom of American decadence- as I said, I have to adjust to feminism, and that means being one with them in some sense. Alright, if you really want to think that highly of yourself then it’s justice to show you how incorrect you really are. Ugh, can I just have a submissive slave, please? I’ve earned it at this point with all the scapegoating for years. Anyway yeah, there’s no risk in our culture, no play, thus no intimacy and no truth, because this is a hedonistic people that is characterized by pain-avoidance. I like the idea of choking and kissing a woman simultaneously, both literally and figuratively. Maybe that would just be a mating ritual in order to begin natural relations outside of the feminist expectations, and the choking would stop afterward, I dunno. For now, the idea of sadomasochism seems quite natural in this ideological environment. I’ve pretty much murdered lots of women though at this point so you have to be moderate. I didn’t notice that your breath stopped, I was having too much fun. Is it too late to start fresh? I’m Nick. What do you think about politics?

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