This one’s a real knee-slapper, eh guys?

Great questions really

Springing off from the sublime, I was looking for other “attunements” to the world that could be studied. Trust, that seems pretty high up on the list. Through an anthology on that concept I found another one that’s broader, a 49 chapter Handbook on the Phenomenology of Emotions. There are 49 emotions? People with some scientificity have tried to describe what they all are?

Borderline cases, what could that mean?

“Do a warm and fuzzy one you POS.” What am I your personal dancing clown?

Another one in this series is weird, on the philosophy of color. What could they possibly say for hundreds of pages?

Ah never mind about the exactly 49, many chapters are on the concept of emotion itself and how to study it.

This title chapter itself is evocative

We are not dealing with the sublime here. This is the other side of it, if anything. This is the side of the lion. Then the lion might cause you to mimic its aggressive emotion. This is still with the theme from earlier of existentialism by the way.

Spatial? This is a weird way to put it

Ontologically independent, thus can be potentially be studied as scientific objects. Yknow, these emotion “things”, that seem so intangible. Grief being a downward pressure – you ever think of it that way? I feel like it’s my first day on earth when I’m reading this.

Here is the book if you have a particular emotion you want to examine.

“No one can know what those are!” It does seem that way, doesn’t it? Yet I’ve never seen a book with this title before. I’ve studied anxiety and despair before, not all these though.

I wonder if I was right when I speculated that when one experiences contempt directed at them it’s like a beam of pain through their chest/neck area

This is looking at humans as objects, perfect.

How scientific have they gotten with all this, seriously

mixtures of different emotional states are the norm rather than the exception. How, then, can the individual emotions be delimited from each other?

Living in a society

Characteristic of all emotions of aggression is that they are almost universally normatively regulated, and indeed sanctioned.

This is my self, I can do whatever I want with it. Is that an aggressive sentiment? How does that make you feel? Defensive? I wonder what that emotion is about. Feeling confused about emotions? Probably a chapter on confusion out there too.

Oh great, I read the chapter on gratitude only to realize I don’t have any, and don’t have any reason to. “I’m gonna try a change of pace from contempt here, never mind.”

This is a sort of master perspective, a type of hermeneutic of suspicion

If someone’s politics were driven by a particular emotion, would that be enough to discount them? Resentment, say. Only a fool would say that certain emotions aren’t a form of vice, right? So what if entire political demographics were determined to be motivated by emotions that lacked virtue? Feel “nervous” at all when I say that?

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