Listening to Liszt on youtube and it’s interrupted by an advertisement. That’s what it’s like with all the sell-outs. Except there’s not even a Liszt there, it’s all ads for the state-religion. Such aesthetic appreciation I have for you niggers.

The gratitude I should have, I’m looking. Where is that? I’m supposed to be grateful for cowards, whores, and jews? Thanks for all the ads about how being a subhuman is in fact a good thing.

The coward ad, my favorite. Let’s see it again for the 10,000th time. Yup, you’re a coward, did you want to express a different point than that?

Where are the Liszts? Haha it’s a joke to expect any of those. The white niggers will be even worse pretty soon. “That’s just who I am.” And it’s just who I am to think you’re trash, so it all works out.

Love those youtube ads. Especially love it when that’s all the video is. Do people really want to watch ads for the state-religion 24/7? -a trickster whispers to me- “That’s all they like anyway.”

Thanks for all the ads, you’ve really made me appreciate.. humanity? I just love seeing ads when I want to listen to Liszt. It’s not a sell-out nigger who I perceive at all, the ads are awesome. You really enthrall me on a higher level. It really helps convince me of the old controversial question of whether Jews are less than human, I think I’ve established that. No Liszt, all ads, that’s definite confirmation of the humanity of Jews, so I thank you, good nigger. Change your display picture to one with you with a KFC bucket over your face you nigger. That would actually be a better “ad” than most of the other symbols that say “being a subhuman is okay, submitting to Jews like a bitch is okay”. Where’s the bucket on your head, nigger? Give me another ad instead that is equivalent to you stirring matzo soup for a kike like a good bitch.

Liszts are latent in people. I’d rather everyone hate me than pretend that isn’t true. Thanks for the ad instead, as a response to this, I guess. Love to see ads as normal. “Your matzo, sir!” Your life might as well be snowballing a matzo the size of a basketball and swooshing a three-pointer for your jewish masters and the imbecile goys in the stands. That isn’t Liszt. I can’t say I’m very impressed, or even entertained. Mostly disgusted.

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