That’s my favorite “thought experiment” – the idea of anyone deciding to have a live chat with me about anything. You’d look like a retard and your life would be ruined so you avoid that. Let’s sit down in person and in a civilized setting and see what happens. Do you want to prove that you aren’t a nigger or kike? Because I respect you as a non-animal (at least) I will even avoid those terms, if you’d prefer. I don’t think anyone could do it. Similarly with the cowards and whores, they’d just be walking into their own destruction, and that’s the meaning of the gulag. You only keep me in this place because you can’t have a normal conversation like a human being. All you can do is use rhetoric and propaganda that distracts from my questions. So why keep me hidden? What are you hiding? I think it’s probably that you’re subhumans who can’t have an actual normal conversation. “Let’s use our rhetoric bots to distract from that.” You’ve been doing that for a while now, so why is it still impossible to even directly respond to any of my claims? I think you’re just niggers without consciousness. If we had a live debate I’d be polite of course. Do I need to walk you through this labyrinth, weary traveler? “A live debate won’t happen because I’m a coward.” Okay Dugin, Land, etc. Strauss still haunts you. And you’re just the goyim he haunts, there are other Jewish “sharks” that could be questioned on live TV, and they of course are too terrified to do that. What’s wrong? Didn’t expect the internet? “We set it so it’s our advertisements running things” – so, do you want to have a normal conversation about that? “No, we like to hide in ads, and you will be hidden too.” Real impressive person when we look back to Spinoza. “What do you think of Spinoza, my good Jewish friend?” – a question I might ask you, better prepare. “I don’t have to prepare for anything, because I am not trying to be Spinoza.” Why wouldn’t you want to be? “Because goyim try to trick us.” Who, like Socrates? Why haven’t you said anything about him yet, that’s probably my next question in this imagined debate that you can’t have because you only try to disappear people who disagree with you. What is the meaning of the Greeks? My good Jewish friend, tell me, what is your take on Athens versus Jerusalem? “It is that no one will ever know what Athens is.” So why do you think it’s right that people shouldn’t see you as “kikes”? Just an innocent question. If we were to have a live debate what would you say? We’re on the internet here so we can’t have that, I can only expect “ads for state religion” and nothing of beauty. You can’t have a normal talk face to face because it would destroy you, that at least can be said on the internet.

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