Explains a lot

Dorothy Sayers wanted to go back to the medieval trivium (grammar, logic, and rhetoric) so it’s not like this is as extreme as it gets.

So, what isn’t “candy”? Earlier I was debating myself whether to do an off the reservation post on Virgil or Thomas More – that might give you some idea. Then that’s when the abstraction set in, and here we are, and that might answer that question further.

When I think of a child going to a public school, in this day and age… do you want to kill the kid? That’s “leveling” from the get-go. “A state is better than no state.” You’re just accepting that the kid is going to turn out stupid. I went through public education myself, and I don’t know how I survived- I probably didn’t in some ways. If you put a kid through that you’re deciding that they will be “one with the collective”. What a waste of a kid that is. You’re deciding that their brain should be formed by the plutos-demos. I know people do it out of necessity. One of the points of Marx in my mind is for kids to avoid that fate. There’s a good deal of envy-rabble that wants to abolish private schools altogether. You can keep cryin’. They want everyone equally stupid, it’s so disgusting.

Maybe Agamben is on to something in regard to grammar – this is what German gymnasia of the 19th century looked like

The overwhelming majority of instruction was in languages, especially Latin and Greek, both through explicit grammar instruction and reading in primary sources. 

Why do so many people seem irrational? Could it be because they don’t understand grammar? Their words don’t make any sense, one is only supposed to recognize that they are emotional about Y or Z. “Mooing” might not be too far off, and I thought I was just teasing. MOO! And then if you think of that idea from yesterday of “political emotions”, we see in “the great many” words of irrationality on the surface, and we might deduce that they are driven by hidden motivations that aren’t very flattering. Both levels of the human being could possibly be corrected with education. Public school is the decision to destine a child to have the quality of life of a peasant. Emotions of vice, words of irrationality. Part of the reason people are permanently lost today is because they were taught false interpretations of history during this time. People subscribe to those interpretations as strongly as they subscribe to the arithmetic they learned at the same time.

If you aren’t jealous of this old English childhood education I don’t know what to tell you

The reading also increased in difficulty, with the student covering the Greek New Testament as well as Homer, and large doses of Cicero, Vergil, Terence, and Horace in their Latin work.

“I AM jealous, that’s why I don’t want anyone else to have it!” What a petty soul.

This from a classical school teacher is dark

Do I even have to say what this kind of book is really about?

“Tyrone doesn’t act like a ghetto monkey, you should be more like him Jimmy.”

All kinds of layers that will make a kid retarded. Toxic masculinity. That was already rampant when I was young- all the schoolmarms who want you to grow up to be subservient. Be a monkey, be obedient, be a zionist. It’s a waste of a kid. “That’s ME, I’M that kid!”

It’s okay, maybe kids won’t be so deformed that they’ll at least decide to read something like this after they grow up

Looking at the people of today it seems they were too deformed to bother with that.

Harsh, fair

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