Going through that phenomenology of emotions book

obsequious behaviors elicit disgust

So it’s not just me??

It’s like the world is an office with a boss. The world isn’t an office! “Yes it is.” Okay, maybe it is.

Anyway some other things that cause disgust – I wonder if there’s something similar between all of them

feces, waste, sewage, corpses, carrions, wounds and bodily fluids (pus, clot, snot, spittle, urine, vomit)

Is obsequiousness that bad? Or is it worse? This writer, at least, distinguishes between visceral and moral disgust, so there IS a difference.

Back to that “we chewed before we talked” direction of thinking

One dominant strategy is to argue that all disgust experiences originate, in one way or another, from rejection of spoiled food

There IS something corpsey about them, not sure if I’d go as far as to say “rotten”. Just on the cusp of rotting, somewhere between life and death. Maybe that’s what’s so disgusting.

I’m sure there’s more to find out about this emotion.

I relate to this one

human behaviors are rejected as potentially contaminating

You want to make me dead like you?? No, stop. I’m not going to be a corpse like you, why would I want to remind people of sewage and vomit? No, we can only admire the schmoozers. They have a golden aura around them.

“Your Majesty!” – yes, “disgust” is involved when one witnesses this behavior.

Look, I’m not trying to be insulting here. Okay? This is just the phenomenology of emotions, and I’m trying to understand something as scientifically as possible.

If this were the case I think it would be something else, I just don’t think this is the case

I think there’s no flipping off involved in most cases. Pure servility. It’s disgusting.

It is a relation of submission. We’re describing an ontological state here, and beyond that, perhaps a permanent being. It is a disgust-inducing way of relating to others in the world. Those who submit similarly probably don’t experience this reaction I speak of when they see others like them.

Let’s not try to mince any words about this, let’s try to really understand what’s going on here. It isn’t just being extra-nice to a person of Jewish heritage. That’s just when it’s most conspicuous. It’s the gas chambers and ALL their implications. The logic of those unfolds, it doesn’t remain simply about them. It applies to other dimensions of life as well, especially in the moral sphere, to say nothing of the epistemological one. It is a phenomenon of subservience, and you can’t blame others if they react negatively to that, as if they just smelled something really gross. Whenever you imply that people with questionable behavior shouldn’t be discriminated against you are bowing, you are licking the bottom of a foot. Is that not supposed to elicit disgust?

There are forms of subservience that one doesn’t feel that way about at all. Think of Antigone again. She broke the rules of her society because she felt it was possible there was something more important than any of that to align her will with. That doesn’t elicit disgust, quite the opposite, and that is arguably a type of subservience.

“I’m a turd, don’t judge me.” “I’m a rotund brat who only eats candy, don’t judge me.” It’s time to fervently genuflect to these people! Make sure you leave some tears on the ground too.

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