Sometimes the thought crosses my mind “Should I not be so cruel, should I say something to make them like me?” and that just makes me laugh. That’s tantamount to asking “Should I not be myself?” I like to pretend that people laugh WITH me when I talk, and that probably isn’t the case. I don’t care. I hate humanity, why would I pretend to be one of them? I recognize your value, I want to be like you now.

Like it or not, this is the ideal “Golden Dawn” recruitment process, whether you’re affiliated directly with me or not. The internet makes this painful, and also possibly more rewarding, because we have more candidates to sort through. If you see the eye of the pyramid and it paralyzes you then that’s a sign you aren’t supposed to be part of this group. “Group” – whatever it is. With Europeans the idea of a “group” is a joke obviously. At the same time, I see people who I agree with about many things on rare occasions. It’s a group of individuals who do not have any emotional reaction to the standard belief-system being demolished. Some even have enthusiasm about that. If you can’t even hint about Jews then you are not part of this group. You’re the one we intend to destroy. A merchant’s servant, in denial. Yeah I really want to talk with someone like that. I mostly talk to an imagined readership because the forces of leveling have taken so many over the last few years. They need a new unique style of therapy- “You know there’s a difference between monkeys and humans?” They don’t know that, thus they won’t ever seek any help, thus they will remain monkeys. “If you think you’re so wise about these things then why do you have to suffer so much?” Those are connected. You leave the status quo far enough and no one is going to join you there, and humans are supposed to be social creatures. So I think for those ones who truly care about the “death of god” this is something they should find significant. If you want to reformulate religion you need to get as far away from the demos as possible. They have no idea what that’s about, they live in the moment, even the scholars of religion do. “Why don’t we just make you a scapegoat once again if you keep talking like this?” – Yes, this is what we’re dealing with. You can’t understand religion if you need to make innocent speculators demons who you need to burn rather than address the arguments of. That’s what we’re dealing with here and I have one word for you- Jews. If we had a true esoteric order today that was reminiscent in some sense of the Golden Dawn I expect they would be brought up. Can you bring them up? Besides to praise? If you can’t question them even without anyone knowing about it then I have to wonder about you- do you have a feet-kisser nature? We don’t want that sort of person if we were to create a new Golden Dawn. Millennials think I’m larping. No, I just believe in religion, why don’t you? There are gradations of awareness that only priests understand. Am I a priest? I hate Christianity too much for that. That doesn’t mean I don’t believe in religio. The real larpers are the ones who pretend to be interested in the idea of a secret society, when they could never prove they are someone who’d be permitted to join a real one. You are one of the servile ones that causes disgust? You’d have a lot of explaining to do. You’re just a normal status quo believer in the state religion until you can demonstrate otherwise.

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