Logic emerged from the poetic form. Looking at a book on the satirist Aristophanes I learn where his genre emerged from

evolved from the original celebrations of the Dionysian cult consisting of “dances, disguises, lyrical trances, and jocular turmoil” following a phallus-pole procession.

So western humor arose out of dick jokes, essentially? That itself is funny. I have to say though that I’ve gotten the sense that’s all people really care about in life to this day, which is a kind of humble detail about humanity. “Humble, tell me more about humble.” I remember making dick jokes when I was in high school. There’s something funny there, it just seems like they symptomatically fail to laugh at other stuff too. If I met up with one of my old high school friends who I haven’t seen for years and that was still their level of humor I’d probably think that they never really grew up. “It seems like you’re kind of biased not to like that sort of joke.” It has its place as a form of humor, it’s just people never seem to joke about things that can get them in trouble. And I think that’s pretty small dicked of them, so to speak. Who’s lowbrow and who’s highbrow here, you be the judge, go “meet” one of your old high school friends and discover they never changed since the locker room days and let me know.

Here are some of the subjects Aristophanes’ plays address

the state, philosophy, war and peace, gender, and the general relation of gods to humans

BLM and feminism people are all beholden to the state and its god, so can’t expect them to really philosophize about those. Poles apart from Aristophanes, truly.

What happens when you criticize feminists for non-petty reasons

Feminism isn’t criticized because people know they’ll resort to that. No thanks, I’ll criticize you hoes all day. Try to think of a response that doesn’t give one the impression that you’re a hole and nothing else. A degraded state of being it is. “I’ll show you degraded!” It’s a world of dildos and holes, it’s a world that is an office with a boss. I refuse that.

Pretty simple aesthetic observation

Schiller criticizes Aristophanes on account of his excesses in provoking coarse laughter

Ugh I only wanted to make a post on this playwright and I just had to see that in the first book I clicked, now I’m inescapably in the hotdog realm. Some people enjoy this plane of discourse so I’m sure they’re entertained right now.

“I am NOT walking tits with a hole!”

Some could really fool me. Are you more than that? Never will find this in a feminist textbook and yet how pressing it is. “That’s what I am, I don’t care.” What are you doing here, I usually am not on this plane. “This is just what walking tits with a hole does with its freetime.” To be fair, it is pretty unfair that pants cover our dicks while your boobs are right there in everyone’s face, so I can understand the revenge impulse if you have smaller tits. It’s okay, I’ll bite.

Hegel honored the Larry, Moe, and Curly level?

Unlike Schiller, Hegel could vicariously take pleasure in the baseness to which we are all given over by virtue of our humanity.

It’s when the humor is never aimed at the tyranny of our time when it’s suspicious to me. Dick joke here and there, okay that’s funny. When you never ever joke about what could possibly get you in trouble… It’s just really telling. Imprisoned to the plane of the body and the political order.

You might find this post itself to be lowbrow, and I don’t think so. Leftists and feminists politicize dick jokes, it’s one of the ways they rationalize being in lockstep with the corporations. You’re just a sell-out, sorry. Living the easiest life possible that doesn’t challenge the forces of corruption of the world. Might as well be “hanging” out with some of my old high school friends. With leveling one can expect that decline of maturity. All blacks and browns are is their body so whites have adjusted to their level of discourse. Ah even I’m doing that right now.

Anyway, Aristophanes is known as a proto-feminist writer – they love the Lysistrata for instance

The women display shrewd and steady intelligence, coolness under fire, and qualities of leadership that are entirely out of the men’s range.

Don’t see much of that these days.

And in a broader context remember that Plato was in part responding to Aristophanes- he’s even a character in one of his dialogues. Plato is himself a satirist, so the evolution of humor didn’t end with Aristophanes either. When’s the last time an establishmentarian made me laugh? PC culture definitely put an end to the continued evolution of humor (unless you’re a simpleton).

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