No one really seems to have a clear idea of the Medieval Age, we just have stereotypes about it. So I type “medieval” into z-library to see what shows up, and I don’t know how biased this place is or what, I just find lots of romance novels here and I can’t help feeling like it’s a kind of snapshot of the general psyche. And you’d think it would be just one author with a series, then you realize that it’s multiple writers of the same “genre”. Why am I finding this when I type in “medieval”, does anyone want to tell me? Something about “highlanders”. Maybe I’ll do a post someday on all these books I have to scroll through to find the ones I’m looking for. You see some bizarre fetishes there, I do have to say. I’ve made a post before about how one can find so much about wanting to fuck aliens, and I can relate to that myself. I don’t spend all my time thinking about that though, and this is one way I think we’re different- their world revolves around men. While someone like me at least wants to find someone from the Medieval time who thought in a peculiar way. Are they just “romantic beings”? Maybe lustful beings would be more precise? I don’t believe the feminist lies, I think woman is a type of “being” that is not how they try to portray it. I’m going to say something that you might not like to hear. Is careerism itself for women just an elaborate flirtation method? Maybe not in all cases, just many. Is that really attractive, I don’t know, it’s almost self-defeating. You’re just here to be a baby-machine at the end of the day, and maybe you can sprinkle some garnish on that? No, I’m only kidding, sometimes I read scholarship for instance written by a woman and it could be as objective as a man’s. Then we bring politics into it and there’s distinctly a bioleninist phenomenon in almost all cases. That’s not a form of objectivity. Do you want to be equal to men someday or not? Then you have to hear this. It’s a brutal reality that can be described. Especially if one interprets feminism as a form of hysteria. Feminism is a woman having a panic attack and she needs to be settled down. All of our culture facilitates them to continue having a panic attack, so good luck. I don’t expect to soothe them at this rate, they’re too entangled in trying to make sense of what they were taught when they were little girls. It’s similar with the French Revolution- those ideals were vaunted when nothing in reality actually changed. Women are taught that they can be a mathematician as easily as a male can, for instance. Since that reality is impossible they’ve decided that we should get rid of math. Maybe they should just embrace whatever’s going on in the minds of these women I found who write romance novels about Medieval times. Do you really want us to treat you like someone who can be a mathematician? -seething- “YES!” So do it then instead of whining, and blaming everyone except yourself. They continue to use the lesser forms of human knowledge of course to boost themselves up. Can you philosophize? Why do you have to ban people who question you if you can do that, dear goddess? You could always prove that you are in fact a goddess, that would require not resorting to subhuman methods unfortunately. “He said it, he said what we are.” The point of feminism is to stop being a subhuman, and I don’t think any of their methods today have that as a goal, it’s a worldview based on denial, envy, and bitterness. If you really want to be a goddess in a non-mythological sense then you’ll face that, and determine what to do in light of it.

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