Talk to me and feds will be watching you – what does that say? Talk about our actual government being overthrown in the only way it can be, which is violently, and you will not be part of public life anymore. Is it not true? It seems like killing them is the only possible option, because if you leave them alive then they’ll just keep establishing new networks of control elsewhere. This is a modern day slave-system. They want to tell you what to believe and they don’t really care about your quality of life. You live in a world where only basketball is good and if you say it isn’t then you’re canceled. The quality of life of watching a basketball game. Knowing rancid kikes are making money from it. They really want what’s best for you. Wait for one to step up to the platform and say “109”, they will never. We’re living in a world created by people who should have all been snuffed out before even the first expulsion. Why does God favor a people in exile? I’ve seen no reason to favor them, all they want is what’s bad for their host population. “Niggers from South America and Africa!” Can you ever admit that you are yourself a nigger from a country like that? Maintaining a country is different from exploiting finance. Could you ever admit that, kike? I doubt it. Thus I have no reservation about calling for your death. Want to throw me in prison for that? What do you think this is? Our ruling-caste is Talmudist kikes and if you question them they will put you in a gulag in one way or another – are you happy with that, or would you rather we just started killing niggerjews? “I’m not a nigger, muh nobel prize” – what about all the countries you did this to you kike? Give me a nobel prize for telling about that. It’s all a sham, you were only merchants from the beginning. “Using capital to turn whites into niggers will continue whether you like it or not.” – So the Talmud actually speaks directly, oh wait, I had to say that because it can’t. Who would want to do that? Only niggers. Who created civilization? Not Jews. The demands of the political order is a revenge of Jews who wish their tradition wasn’t all in vain. No, Jew, you couldn’t accept a more refined meaning of morality, for hundreds and hundreds of years, and people hated you for it eventually, and now our political order is based on forgiving you. I don’t forgive you. “That doesn’t matter, because we are going to make whites like you who disagree into niggers who have no thoughts at all.” Using AI to make people niggers to support the Jew-order, go ahead and type that sentence and see what that gets you. “We want anyone who questions us to not exist anymore so we ban them and make sure they are a retard in their next life.” The one who is a retard, as it seems to me, is the one who can’t directly respond to my questions like a normal person and has to resort to all kinds of methods only a nigger would use. So, if our political order were run by nose-niggers why is that such a bad thing? You have no response to this, and you never do, because you are one of the niggers, that’s the end of the story, your soul is dirt after many generations and you can’t understand reason. Continue creating chaos on earth though, nigger-soul.

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