I haven’t had enough with the sublime yet. Has that ever happened to you? I think about the time I was on hike and I went off-trail, and I was traipsing through pretty quickly and good thing I stopped because I noticed something was strange about how much sky there was, because while I wasn’t exactly teetering over the edge, I was about a step away from walking over a cliff, and that experience isn’t exactly something I can put into words, and that’s half the experience, the ineffability of it. And thankfully some have tried to talk about it. The other day I saw this book where the author said he’s been thinking about the sublime for 30 years, so maybe someone like that can put it into words. It’s similar to a mystical experience, or it can be. My theory is that we have light experiences of the sublime throughout a normal day without really being aware of it. We have defense mechanisms that filter it for us.

Here is a funny synchronicity I see

What we think of the “state”, might be easier to think of it as the NSA in this context- it’s so immense that you feel so powerless.

The state IS kind of like this

What are you going to do about a mountain!?

I don’t know, toss dynamite at it?

“That won’t do anything. Just let it be.”

Is it possible to look down from the sublime?

Or no, they don’t like that

The state will follow you up there. It doesn’t want you to have a look at it. It wants you to be intimidated into just letting it be. I AM letting it be, I’m only taking a gander at it. “That will cost you a fine.” That’s a relief, I prefer that to being made the cultural scapegoat or something like that instead.

What’s the most sublime thing of all in our culture?

Sometimes you find a meme that tells you everything you need to know about life

“What are you going to do, it’s a mountain! Just let it be.”

You’re saying that NOW?

This is dangerous, you could die

No wonder there’s a tendency to recoil.

“It’s really not funny that you taunt me from that place.”

If certain people joined me here everyone would die, including ourselves. Or they’d engineer it to be a double-suicide in order to protect everyone else. Probably a mix of both. There IS something amusing about that.

That’s why the rationalizations set in. To not rationalize is to go there and die. Rationalization is pretty much the only option. “I’m not goin’ there… you can die there alone.” It isn’t so sublime to me. Not like I have much of a choice whether to like it or not since I’m already here anyway. “And you will pay a fine for that!” Okay, why? “Answering that question makes me there with you, and I’m not going there.” You mean “here”? Where you are now? Do you have to pay a fine to yourself then?

You’re cute

Doesn’t anyone ever have the courtesy to take your corpse down from the mountain so you can have a proper burial? “That IS my burial.”

That’s pretty messed up, huh?

Some in the occident find this to be a fun time, others not so much.

“You just want to die alone up there huh?” I’m not going to be intimidated by the wizard of oz. How frail and pathetic the one on the other side of the curtain. Every last one would piss themself in a face to face debate.

Do the she-jew like to look over the side of a cliff?

You’d rather be one of the lawnmowers, huh?

Whatever, this looks fun to me

Just kidding, what I have in mind is more dangerous than that. That’s really a pretty image next to what I have in mind, and I think you know what I mean. So try to think about that before you rationalize. There’s a difference between looking off the cliff and being a lawnmower. It’s fear that causes the rationalization.

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