A secret meaning behind the death of god

trauma and mystical experience are phenomenologically similar, if not identical.

Secularists tend to frame organized religion as soothing. What about religion outside of the church then? The same ones who accuse it all of being soothing are usually hedonists, so hypocrites. Kind of an important question to ask whether you’re religious or not- what is the real meaning of religion? Is there one?

One of the definitions of trauma in the DSM is “threatened death”. Religion and the sublime can be similar in that sense.

This can feel like extreme identity disillusion

First time I’ve ever seen this acknowledged

The church is soothing, secularism is soothing- sublimity is not soothing. I haven’t tripped for years, it’s just that when I did it gave me extreme experiences of sublimity which I haven’t forgotten.

Neuroscientists who study entheogens call it the Default Mode Network (DMN). That is what sublimity can disrupt. People either left the church because it had shifted too strongly toward the DMN or shifted too far away from the DMN. Given that the stereotype is that “religion is soothing” we might conclude that it was because of too much DMN. So, did these new secularists find sublimity then? Most of them seem like they’re strongly in the Default Mode Network, and probably have no idea what one means when one says the word “sublimity”. This is another way of rephrasing “the death of god”. What is God? Sublime, and also beautiful. There is a dialectic between these two. If there is too much sublimity you will be traumatized. That’s what both the church and the secularists–probably rightly–avoid. Do you like looking off a cliff every sunday? Sure, only if your life isn’t threatened. And that’s not really the true meaning of sublimity, because one DOES feel as if one’s life is threatened. It’s in this sense that religion can be seen as total surrender. If you give yourself to God you might not like the judgment, in fact you very likely will not “enjoy” it or find it “beautiful” at all. How do you expect to grow if you don’t allow yourself to be vulnerable to that? Thus I diagnose the secularists with fear of vulnerability. It’s avoidance of the sublime. It’s not just individual people either, it’s our entire culture that can be diagnosed this way. Why do our institutions permit no change? Because they flee from the sublime. They make sure no one goes off-trail, because they themselves can’t face the possibility of looking off a cliff. Because then you might fall to your death. And that’s true. And that’s most vividly represented in our cultural consciousness by World War 2. It is a guided tour of life. If the exotic sublime is shown to you it will be in a tamed form in a zoo. Same goes for taking an ethics or political science or history course in the university – there you are shown a wild animal that has been domesticated for your child-like consumption. It isn’t like hearing a jaguar growling behind you without any cage between you and it. These are the systems of knowledge we are talking about here, some of the noblest creations of humanity, which are made into domesticated animals. Do you want one of your innocent citizens having a jaguar jump on their back and biting their jugular out? Relax, they’re just books, what could be so bad. It’s just the Sublime Choinski. The Traumatic Faurisson. The Mystical Evola.

A psychotherapist who personally observed thousands of induced mystical experiences theorizes it in the following way

these perinatal experiences can feel so profoundly life-threatening because they mirror the experience of the neonate during the birthing process; namely, they mirror the incredible shock experienced by the infant of being encased in a fecund, dark, (ideally) nourishing womb and rather suddenly, and without much choice in the matter, being forced out of said womb in a series of painful, pressurized, chemically foreign throes.

Secularists, especially those of the status quo variety, do not have that experience because their rationalizations (and group-support system) allow them to remain in the womb. They don’t want to be born into the world that the sublime demands of them. And all of our culture makes it easy for them to avoid that. Living that pre-109 “life” interminably. Rolling around the world in one of those hamster balls. All sublimity bounces right off. Thus the self is preserved from disillusion, and remains self-same for decades without developing. This, again, is on both the individual and institutional level.

It’s not all peace hippie love, man

Mystics from numerous traditions write about the pain of surrender, the terror of encountering the numinous, or the phenomenal shattering which must occur to purge the mind of illusion.

“I like this guided tour! I like the domestication of the disciplines.” That’s because they shaped you, and that’s how your ego solidified.

People can joke about “living in a society” from within their hamster ball all they want without ever knowing the real meaning of that phrase

Most are so afraid of the sublime that they need to soothe each other about why they should remain in their hamster ball on the guided tour. “That’s not what it is!” Like I said, sublimity bounces right off, and that’s the genius of “society”.

This is something our culture has to face regarding nineteen forty-five

while trauma is hell on earth, trauma resolved is a gift from the gods

Are you so sure you’re on that guided tour to avoid trauma–or because of it? Contact with the sublime is the only way to know for sure. Annnd this invitation to sublimity will probably bounce right off. And aren’t you such a happy hamster?

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