So logic and science arose from poetry, and poetry arose from dialogue, talking. What was talking like before Socrates?

Thales is considered the first “pre-Socratic”

Those Greeks were chatterboxes, and they condensed all that talk into a diamond known as Aristotle, or at least that’s how the Medievals saw it. So what was talk like before Thales?

This looks like a genealogist – I’ve only seen articles on this before, not sustained works

Athens and Jerusalem are arguably two types of Egyptianism. Maybe we can find an original synthesis there before there was a great departure from the other? The two halves united, wouldn’t that just be dreamy? “No, we hate the Greeks!”

This looks ambitious

This book issues a serious challenge to the orthodox view of philosophy… We do not need to accept the present errors: what has been diminished by centuries of neglect can be restored.

Not too often you hear that, pretty much never at all.

It’s mind-boggling how effectively they’ve superimposed, let us call it a “Lincolnian mythology”, over the place in the world where higher order thought arguably began. Remember the pre-Islamic Coptics who consider themselves as the descendants of Ancient Egypt.

A clue as to what’s on the way

philosophy, understood as “love of wisdom”, was not only a lived exercise, but, first and foremost, a lived and correctly performed sacred ritual of the great divine Mysteries

Remember the Golden Dawn draws heavily on the Egyptians, and that group has something that institutional philosophy doesn’t, to say the least. Can you imagine Heidegger being a member of an esoteric society? And what if ritual is essential for remembering Being? “We HAVE ritual–the ritual of denouncing those nasty notebooks of his.” Ideally conceived though, one could look at Plato’s Academy as a sort of “temple” with “rites”. Now it’s the Mysteries of Hating Whites.

Maybe I was on to something with that autistic post on ritual a while ago

Most modern people would feel like fools doing a ritual. Ritualistically check your phone – feeling sacred yet? It’s not a question of whether or not we have rituals – because we do – it’s a question of what effects the rituals have on us. If so many remain at such a low plane of consciousness I can only guess what kinds of rituals they do.

This writer thinks my style of ritual isn’t enough either

post-Kantian identification of philosophy with an abstract philosophical discourse still dominates both scholarly and popular consciousness

Yes, we need a church for the abstract types. “I’m too abstract for that.” Are you sure? Are you a happy hamster? How to get around the enlightenment- that’s still in “progress”. We are enlightenment-objects. Rituals to remember the sublimity of being – how’s that sound? Or are you reading this on your phone? So sacred, huh? QUICK- tell me what you had for breakfast. Did I get you? It isn’t so easy to remember what sublimity really is. A force beyond yourself that’s greater than you, one that’s pretty scary when you truly sense it. And it’s not the state or the prog religion, that’s just what they want you to think. Yeah, that’s scary too- thing is, there’s something scarier. All secularists who accuse religion of being “soothing” should talk like this, and they never do.

Now this is weird

All these philosophical concepts, albeit expressed in a language of myth, symbol, and ritual, are attested in the ancient Egyptian civilization and stand at the roots of Hellenic modernization of that ancient “philosophy” which is based on identifications with the divine names and qualities that imply alchemical transformations within the officially established frame of the theurgic semiotics and royal iconology.

So it originated from the Egyptian religion which was within the context of the Egyptian government.

Speaking of the birth of logic

Magic identification was a kind of standard procedure for solving the mysteries of both the natural and supernatural worlds. It was stated that this god is that god, a is b, and immediately, power was gained and difficulties were removed.

Eating only candy is justice. Honesty is good. “Honesty is harmful.” Coarse enjoyment is shameful. A certain video game is art. 109 is a questionable number. Taking the guided tour is inhuman.

This is a path which implies purification [and] correct performance of hieratic rites

PC does not allow correct rites, because it’s based on pretending impurities don’t exist – thus how could there be any purification? Only those who imply that impurities exist are “purified” from the political order. The goal of the Egyptians was striving toward divine perfection. How can we do that with our particular enforced “correct performance of hieratic rites” in place?

Reading this book feels like reading hieroglyphics

The universe itself was regarded as a kind of multi-dimensional text written by the divine sophia. Therefore “to philosophize” means to be in accord with this world-governing providence and employ certain sacramental esoteric hermeneutics for the correct reading of the ontological hieroglyphs.

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