This is so mean

What is pain as experience? For this, we appear to lack words.


“Wow, I can relate to your cynicism!”

If only there were magic words to eliminate suffering.

I will give it a try. It’s fine.

“That didn’t work.”

It’s fine! Why do you have to suffer, there’s no reason to suffer.

“You’re not helping me, that’s why they had to give me pills.”

That’s kind of messed up. How many of your ancestors took pills? Probably not the kind you take either.

Why do you suffer? Give me a real answer. Give me THEE answer.

Do you feel ashamed to admit why you do? Why, do you want to suffer forever? Better to just say it then we can see if it’s actually a good reason.

I suffer too. Why? I thought you asked you first?? My reason seems pretty good- the world doesn’t understand me and I’m treated like a demon. It feels better after I say it though. So you try then.

Can’t put pain into words, that’s great.

It isn’t me personally who makes you suffer is it? Why do you care what I think? Besides, I never told you to suffer, so if you do care what I think then you shouldn’t suffer.

It’s a clownworld, there’s nothing to look forward to in life. That’s something else that makes me suffer. Can’t do what I love because it’s against the rules. What I love to do is to go against the rules though. That itself drives me crazy. Nothing else is thrilling to me. I feel like I’m not even a human if I’m just keeping my head down and being a conformist. I feel like I’ll be miserable too if I ever break and start wearing a person costume so the world accepts me.

So why do you suffer?

Do you try to hide that you do?

Did someone convince you that you shouldn’t be alive? Who knows, maybe years ago? Then you just carry that feeling around you like a ghost. Or you’re just slaphappy, doing just dandy? “It’s fine, I’m fine, I don’t feel like nothing.” You don’t have to feel that way if you do, I’m sure there’s someone on earth that you could make happy. Is that what it is, you feel like you’re not there for someone, not there for anyone? I could understand how that could be miserable. Even if I put on the person costume I would still feel like I’m not there for anyone. Then I exist alone on the internet where I can be free too. A life of being alone. It’s a feeling like you and the world aren’t the same thing. I guess that’s why they call it alienation? Why am I here, why does the ape order hate me, I don’t know, it’s not cool though. Definitely isn’t something that “puts a skip in my step”. People just haven’t studied enough, don’t understand, and probably never will. It’s fine, even if people only use you and don’t give a shit about you, it’s fine. Suffering doesn’t just go away unfortunately. Talking about it makes it more bittersweet at least. If you’re one of the worldly ones who would be a negative in my life if I knew you, I forgive you, you probably can’t help it anyway. Have fun in Vegas with the other devils. I’m not going to let the ubiquity of your type of personality make me suffer. Just focusing on the forms instead. It’s fine if you’re not one of those I guess, that’s a lot to ask of you.

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