What Machiavelli had to say about human nature is so tame, he’s only another one of the domesticated animals you get to see on the guided tour. The “canon” itself is demotic. Thinkers can never escape being part of a collective. Even an exile like Rousseau, there is nothing controversial you can find in his texts that would cause him to be exiled today. They all just seem like a line of kowtowers to me. You said what you said because it was the most you could say in your time. I wish I could find something realistically cruel in Machiavelli. Unfortunately that’s not there. A rather pleasant writer. This is part of the con, believing that he’s not. “It’s there, we have that stereotype about him that it’s there!” It’s not there, show me. He wrote to flatter. Whether he spoke differently in person is a different story. More than from most, one gets the impression that’s what he was like. Many of the “grifters” are probably like him. Hinting they have some kind of idea about Realpolitik while keeping a distance. That’s funny, that’s charming, I just believed in the sublimity of the digital revolution I guess when that was an illusion. I think the way it goes is people have an optimism that “if you really get to know a person” they will not be a cog, and when they turn out to be a cog you “kind of just go with it”. And that’s what many “friends” are these days. I’m not that kind of person, I can only be friends with someone who laughs at Machiavelli’s hesitance, euphemism, “political correctness of old”. There’s nothing very harsh that he says – show me. Same with my pet favorite. These ones only show you the logic that you can unfold for yourself. “It’s time, it’s time to be harsh in a way the corporations will favor me for.” Okay, you’re not living in the realm I’m speaking of then. “How to get around Plato”. You have no idea what that’s about. He learned from the hemlock- that’s all he wrote about. The reader is left to unpack his ideas, and they can be pretty terrible. It’s possible there’s a secret society that understands those, it’s possible there’s a secret society of Talmudists with somewhat similar convictions. I just have never seen evidence of it. “Why would we leave evidence?” You know what my first thought is? Okay, boomer. I suspect that you can’t adjust to the generational shift. If you’re so incestuously nepotistic then this can be expected. Too many years of only allowing the obedient into your ranks. The implications of the internet weren’t something they anticipated and now they rely on their obedient techlords’ censorship to keep anyone from “abusing the technology” i.e. questioning them. I’ve given you many many many arguments that I’ve never seen an answer to, and I want to know how you respond. I don’t think you can, you have to rely on cheap and coarse tactics that people like Plato and Machiavelli only hinted about. So yes, there’s probably some kind of secret society that believes they can’t be questioned when the reality is that they have nothing to say outside of the demotic order. Your answers only work for the demos, to people like me you seem like some kind of corrupt tyrant who doesn’t care about anything besides their own control.

That’s funny- usually when we think of “sell-outs” we imagine the minions of the overlords. Do overlords ever have the thought “Am I a sell-out myself?” You could change things for the better if you wanted to and you don’t so I have to surmise that you’re even worse than a sell-out, you’re only obsessed with preserving control that you have no faculty for in reality. I ask you again, do you want to be my accountant? Where do your faculties shine? I don’t think it’s with abstract thinking, it’s all material, and your beloved citizens who you care so much about are in the image of you, shouldn’t you be proud? Look at these people. This is your creation. Wow, so beautiful, what a craftsman. No, it’s a merchant.

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