This is Hegelian

its 47 chapters provide a snapshot of the state of knowledge integration as interdisciplinarity approaches its century mark

Megalomaniacs might want to integrate all the disciplines into One. “We” might do that with AI someday.

Ironically there are a couple other disciplines similar to interdisciplinary studies, so it itself is interdisciplinary.

“The disciplines are too distinctly diverse to create One out of them all.” Some type of chimera is possible.

Seeing lots of what looks like “renaissance men” (and women) involved with this discipline discipline [sic], which is kind of tautological. This is where you’d look to find people like that. Jack of all trades, sorry, Jane of all trades. Seriously though, I’m approaching this with suspicion because I often find progs enthusiastic about it and that can’t be a good sign.

You need to be a stratospheric one to straddle different disciplines. In a fair way at least. “Hi, I have five voices talking in my head at once and I can harmonize all of them” – ubermensch behavior.

This “discipline discipline” is arguably more epistemological than epistemology itself

This college collage again

Occultists sometimes promise you Godhood – this field seems closer to guaranteeing that promise.

To what degree is integration possible?

Always appreciate learning a new French phrase

the deformation professionnelle that all academics are prone to: our tendency to get caught up in inside-baseball debates.

Yes, the obstacle to the One Mind. Something “evil genius”–Promethean–about this project.

Probably not coincidentally they’ve already referenced the execution of Socrates early in this handbook. I’ve seen Christians who believe there is something Satanic about the chimera for instance. Just as important as integration is the rhetoric that surrounds it, is how they introduce this handbook.

Heh they say that eventually this discipline recreates the problems of any other discipline, i.e. ALL the disciplines that it is trying to go beyond. Chimps in suits, gotta love em. This seems like the definition of Hegelian mobility though. Just make sure not to apply literary criticism to historiography wink wink.

Have we isolated the aristocracy of the academy?


Not like google doesn’t need to be nuked in hellfire too.

The “peacefulness” of google, social media, youtube, etc. hides this fact

Knowledge production has gone rogue.

Such a pretty house / And such a pretty garden / No alarms and no surprises – get that off the internet!! We need a Culture Ministry to keep the bureaucratic bores in a chokehold.

This guy is on to something

One way to frame this need is in terms of critical university studies

If you use this boogeyman word to describe it though you are not going to be able to be adequately critical

while neoliberalism represents a genuine challenge to academia

Yes, the echo chamber, echo echo echo, not another kind of chamber.

Can we have a critical down syndrome studies too, how about that?

“We keep people like you off the internet, we like a good tumbleweed culture!”

You probably just want to fuck Hitler at the end of the day, so just get over it.

It’z time

Okay so it’s not just me

Thus a Google search for “institute/center for the future of the university” returns no hits; the same with attempts to locate academic programs devoted to the future of the university.

Such a bad person I am for wanting the brain of the culture to actually be the brain of the culture. Instead, it’s time to nurture another limping dwarf! Gah imagine all the affirmative action probably going on there right now after the Floyd fiasco. Professor Moron teaching classes to imbeciles. What do you think affirmative action means…?

Basically I’m accusing “interdisciplinary studies” of fraudulence- the frogs more closely exemplify that ideal than these academics.

Now there’s a new notion

In other words, it’s not about “emerging disciplines” necessarily- it could very well be about changing the idea of “disciplines” itself. Yeah I do want a flying lion, what about it?

I know that installing a “Golden Dawn” at the center of the university would be asking too much, you’d need a coup for that. “We already have one of those, and we like having incest with each other all day.” Gross deformities.

If we had our own internet (where people can’t be disappeared) the university would already be adjusting to it, taking on its image. According to this handbook it already is to some degree–problem is it’s the internet of Jack and google. How dull and unimaginative the bluechecks are (by necessity), what role models they are. I want to be like you! Disgusting servitude in every word.

The Mind was split into that many parts?

Harmonizing them all into a higher synthesis, that’s what this handbook seems to be groping toward. Feeble humans.

Why don’t anons talk about this, I don’t understand. We can’t rely on academics to do this. High IQ journalists. “How rude that is to say!”

Explains the “genealogy” of neechski

I get into a demonic mood when I think about this stuff so maybe those Christians are right about chimeras. You might think this is hubristic, then you consider that “a total view of civilization” is in fact marginalized in the academy due to the hubris of all the disciplines.

In another study, written by women, I saw earlier, there were chapters on maintaining “PEACE” [sic] and self-confidence. People can’t deviate too far from their field because that’s where their cherished self-esteem derives from. They’re anti-philosophical in this sense. They all avoid each other because they know they’ll only get into a scrap. Plus you’d need a group with such a “total view of civilization” at the center and they wouldn’t have that. Can’t blame them, that group would have to be constituted by ubermenschen and those don’t really exist. It might be possible to put together a makeshift team though. Part of the role would be to “introduce potential friends” who could possibly create a “flying lion”. Usually the disciplines are too preoccupied with themselves to think about anything like that. And zooming out, this is all a way to give the academy itself wings- that’s what this group would be. At present the academy is a wingless lion.

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