Wanna get back to this subject – where to begin

This is something I’d like to know about

the impact of “serious games.”

If you know what I meant when I said video games are (can be) a superior synthesis of sports and movies then you’ll understand the importance of this. Everyone wants to watch “cult films” right? If there’s a video game like that then I might want to play it. Otherwise you’re just missing out on what our time is producing. I’ve missed out for years personally, probably because I was hopelessly consumed in video games when I was younger and have wanted to stay away from the meth since I knew it probably has gotten even “better” since those times.

This is a 2015 book

Learn the major theories and schools of thought used to study games, including ludology and narratology

I sense a stigma around this. Is it interpreted as childish to play vidya? Or do we have like the connotation of dudebros who hoot while watching football?

I played Half-Life 2 about.. a year or so ago? and I don’t think that could be interpreted in those ways. It’s an aesthetic experience, it’s almost better than reading sci-fi. Maybe it is! I think people whether they’re for or against them are often biased. Watch, I’m going to disappear for a few months now and you’ll tell me you told me so. Depending on the coarseness level (heh level) why would it be a bad thing to spend lots of time playing one, if it’s good? What level of video games are you on kid? Level 1 coarseness? “Found out!”

Meh just discovered this book is actually from 2008. I want a 2021 book. I bet a gamer would tell me things have changed a lot since then. The book with the best graphics I’m after.

This is kind of scary

Reminds me of those rodents they manipulated the pleasure-center in the brain of, so whenever they pressed the button they’d get a jolt of good feeling. Are you a labrat who’s mentally imprisoned by the gaming industry? People who use social media, how you doin’? You can’t say anything against the gamers if you’re on that mind-numbing brainwash all day. Yes, it is brainwash, sorry to tell you. It is, quit denying it.

Anyway, back to vidya- this seems important

how to use an understanding of psychology to… avoid being manipulated when they shop and play, and to get the most enjoyment out of playing games.

This book is from 2016. This couldn’t be true, could it?

155 million Americans play games regularly

Close to half of the country? No way. I didn’t know this

Somehow I doubt that many of them do this

Boy Scouts can now earn a “Game Design” merit badge by scrutinizing four video games they have played and thinking about them critically in terms of their design and themes.

Game Design? How about Human Design Through Games? I can only be extremely suspicious.

50% of gamers are women? Wasn’t expecting that. Are they anything like those romance novels I mentioned? Can’t imagine women being interested in anything else, unless it’s getting to shoot the Brads who treated them like trash. “I care about other things like uh duh corporate-approved uh duh politics!” One really can’t blame them they’re such simple beings. Mary Lou, Mary Lou, that must be better than life on the farm. Such a seemple garl. They’re probably veterans of being mocked if they’re used to playing video games, at least from what I hear. “Finally a place where men talk down to me, that’s not allowed IRL.” Okay I’ll stop.

See, yes, this does seem to be true, and I never see anyone say it

Like those who play them just for fun, many of today’s brightest scholars grew up with video games, and they want to study what interests them and what they see as the most important medium of their age.

The gesamtkunstwerk of the future. “Shut up nerd, I just want to play the game!” Is there a good one you’d suggest? If you promise it’s not “candy”. You get me?

It’s some people’s religion so like I said they might want to flip out on me. If it allows you to have fun with like-minded people from around the world it couldn’t be so bad, depending on how excessively it’s played anyway.

I can see vidya being a solace after one gets a sense of the sublimity of the state. “What’re ya gonna do.” The paralysis the Protocols cause. “Good, we’ve got em taking their rage out in games rather than in politics.”

Whoa, this reminds me of how people used to go to the old theatre to watch a play, and some could develop a philosophy of the theatre

This book is organized into four parts: (1) why gamers do what they do, (2) why game developers do what they do, (3) why those who market and sell games do what they do, and (4) how video games affect us.

I swear, people are weird about video games, lots of bias related to them.

Thinking back to the post of mine about leisure, I think part of it is that it’s a controversial form of leisure. My first thought is- You’re gonna die someday! And then on the other side of that, if it’s true that it’s the most important medium of the age it could also be said since you’re gonna die someday you better spend some time playing video games! I feel like a meth-dealer when I say that though. My reasoning is that if the designers are focused on maximizing sales then they’ll appeal to a generally dim demographic and thus the smarter gamers will have to adjust to that, and that will subtly shape their personalities. Probably some that aren’t “coarse” have emerged over the years though, I’d imagine. Pale literature, ways to attack the state religion beyond mere memes, you probably won’t care much about that if you’re conditioned by the instant gratification of many games.

Ah this is something I was intuiting

It also can be a way to escape the mind-control of the state. So, pros and cons.

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