One thing I’m grateful for is that every day it seems I find a study I never expected to exist

This is from 2020. I mentioned the idea a while back that it would be lawyers who could help us with this the most. What’s in this book? I don’t have the time to go through all these books, I’m more focused on broadly gathering the strands together from everywhere. If that’s your kind of thing you’ll click it, and hopefully some have made a list of some of the subjects I’ve posted about which I believe need to be developed in an anti-establishment direction, because there are lots of them and they only seem to be in their infancy right now so there are lots of opportunities for carrying the dialectic beyond where it is currently inert. And the system is not going to carry them on, it wants them to remain inert. So it’s up to people who don’t care about (or even hate) the system.

The old internet of Moldbug still seems to be accurate in expecting that one secession will only lead to many. So you don’t even have to agree with me about most things to think that’s a good idea, because shattering the current order would lead to multiple types of thinking to emerge.

Do you want to know where our political order is immobile, without any of the illusions?

“We love the third world, don’t we, folks?”

You have to pay honor to that lie, that’s the beginning of “public life” in our time.

So much so that it doesn’t even matter if you hear it, because you know that if you “understand too well” then you will not be part of public life. Thus you have lots of defenses to prevent you from even thinking the thought.

What’s the third world, tell me.

You want to give me some details about that?

It doesn’t matter if America is the third world, right? Because we love the third world, don’t we, folks?

It doesn’t matter if the country is as stupid as women and jews, because women and jews are flawless, aren’t they, folks?

That just sounds like the ideal to me. Third world, irrationality of women, immorality of jews. Can we have this all today? Why do we have to wait? I want a third world dumb cunt kike country right at this moment. What’s stopping us? That’s progress. Three kinds of nigger we need to write into the Constitution somehow. “Your way of life is valid, nigger.” Bring out the feather quills, I’ll write it myself- “Worthless whores, you are seen as valuable now.” Let’s just erase the word “constitution” at the beginning and write in its place “Jews Say the Third World is Good” – let’s refound the country on that you retards. “I can’t admit that I might have deserved the holocaust, so I destroy the new country I’m in next” – that’s called pathology you jew. We love not being able to question people who are historically known for being hyper-exploitative and hateful toward their host population. We love not being able to question people from the jungle who we gave electricity and wifi to.

“It’s all the same, it’s all the same humanity!” Is it? I can palpably sense when a kike is talking – you can’t?

“Humanity” doesn’t exist, we all exist in drastically different “humanoid-types”. I am not a kike, I am not a nigger, and I think these types seem like non-people whose death wouldn’t bother me at all, it would probably make the world better. Make sure not to “scare the hoes” when you talk like this because then they might get the idea that they deserve to die too. They are a product of the kike order, it’s not their fault. I think that if they really cared about anything and wanted to be a feminist, i.e. a rational human who happens to be female, they’d question what our present order believes to be true. I invite Jews and Browns to do this too. Can they? Can they? Maybe in their own mind. If you can do that then I think of you as “my people”. If you could actually cause a breakthrough in normal reality I don’t know what I’d think of you. Maybe I’d finally recognize you as a person?

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